‘Dragon Ball Super’ Update: New Female Broly Visual Released, Confirms Universe 6 Connection?

Ever since the first teaser for Dragon Ball Super‘s Universe Survival Arc was released, fans of the popular anime series quickly noticed a strange female fighter that seemingly transforms into a Legendary Super Saiyan. The fighter’s appearance was similar to Broly, one of Dragon Ball Z’s most iconic non-canonical villains, and the character has all but set the franchise’s fandom on fire. Recently, an image containing new information about the mysterious character has emerged, and from what could be inferred so far, there is a good chance that the female fighter might be fighting for Champa’s team in the Tournament of Power.

The new information about the mysterious character was published in a recent issue of V-Jump Magazine. Interestingly, the brief profile of the young, powerful female warrior included some interesting pieces of new information, according to noted DBS fan-translator Herms98. For one, the promo image for the upcoming fighter specifically pointed out that the female Saiyan does not have a tail, contrary to Goku and Vegeta of Universe 7. With this in mind, it seems inevitable that the very first canonical female Super Saiyan in the Dragon Ball franchise would be coming from an entirely different universe.


While the origin of the fighter fondly called by the anime’s fans as Female Broly is unknown for now, speculations are high that the young Saiyan girl would be coming from Universe 6, a world ruled over by Champa, Beerus’ twin brother. During Dragon Ball Super’s Universe 6 arc, the anime introduced Cabba, a young Saiyan who was not even aware that fighters of his race are able to transform. Interestingly, the DBS anime also made it very clear that Cabba, a pure-blooded Saiyan from Universe 6, was entirely different from Goku and Vegeta since he was born completely without a tail.

Thus, since the mysterious female Saiyan was revealed to be from a race without tails, speculations are teeming that she would most likely be from the very same world as Cabba. Considering Cabba’s allegiance, there seems to be an excellent chance that the dominant female fighter would be fighting for the Universe 6 team. This, of course, could result in a number of interesting possible scenarios that could unfold during the Tournament of Power.

Universe 7 and Universe 6 are twin universes, highlighted by the fact that their Gods of Destruction are literally twin brothers. During a recent episode, gods from the rest of the DBS multiverse were talking about teaming up against Goku’s universe in the upcoming tournament. Vados, U6’s Angel, however, stepped in and attempted to dissuade her peers from unfairly targeting Universe 7. For many fans of the long-running anime franchise, it appears that Universe 6 and Universe 7 might form a temporary alliance during the Tournament of Power.


Rumors of a team-up among the fighters from U7 and U6 have long been rumored among Dragon Ball Super fans. The universes, after all, are twins, and their fighters are acquainted with each other. In a lot of ways, the most powerful warriors from Universe 7 and Universe 6 are almost friends as well, in the way that Cabba looks to Vegeta as a mentor and Hit looks at Goku as a worthy opponent. A previous filler episode even featured a friendly baseball match between the two universes, which all but proved their camaraderie.

With Female Broly in Universe 6, and with the alliance between U7 and U6 seemingly inevitable, it appears that fans of the long-running anime series could look forward to Female Broly fighting alongside the best fighters from Goku’s’ universe. This might mean that, for the first time in the DB franchise’s long and storied history, the Legendary Super Saiyan form would be officially recognized. Not only this, the LSSJ fighter would even be fighting alongside the champions of Universe 7. That, for all its worth, is the best fanservice that Dragon Ball Super could give to its fans.

[Featured Image by Toei Animation]