‘Why You Should Date Me,’ Woman’s Funny PowerPoint Presentation To Crush Got 13,000 Retweets

With the advancement in technologies, couples usually come up with new innovative ways to express their love for their partner. Recently, a young woman from the University of Minnesota made a hilarious PowerPoint presentation to convince her crush to date her.

Meet Lizzy Fenton, a student of Genetics, Cell Biology & Development, who apparently used the right way of technology to share her true feelings for her crush. Lizzy titled her slides, “Why You Should Date Me” and it contains various slides explaining the pros of dating a girl like her.

After the first introductory slide, she made a slide with a title, “Sick of Your Family Nagging You To Get A Serious Girlfriend? Look No Further.”

The title is accompanied by her gorgeous photos and it followed by three-pointers starting with, “I am a tantalizing conversationalist and can hold riveting tale talk with your parents.”


“I am well dressed and look classy at Thanksgiving dinner, family reunions, and other events of the like,” she went on. “I have an edgy yet tasteful sense of humor that will be sure to win the approval of your mother.”

The third page of her funny slide talked about her views on monogamy and how if the guy accepts her proposal, he will get three different girls in her.

“Monogamy not your style?” she asks. “No problem. Dating me is like having three different girlfriends.”

With the help of three different pictures of herself, which apparently she took on three different moments, demonstrated how she has three diverse hairstyles and these three different hairstyles transforms her into three different women.

On slide number four, she jumps into actual graphs and vectors to explain her physical growth in the past few years. Setting the page up with the subtitle, “My boobs exhibit steady growth over time.”

To prove her statement, Lizzy Fenton wrote that she performed two different tests to check the growth of her breasts. According to her, she has grown from an A cup to a DD cup from 2013 to 2017. In different bullet points, she went on to explain her different scientific process and approach. Her explanation also included all the necessary mathematical figures.


“A t-test was performed to analyze the p-value and statistical significance of the data. A two-tailed p-value yielded a figure of < 0.0001. Because this value is less than p= 0.05, there is strong evidence against the null hypothesis that my breast grown will remain stagnant over time.”

Not only this, she even herself predicted the future growth of her breasts.

“Using the slope equation y = 1.2x – 2415.1, it can be extrapolated that each breast will be roughly the circumference of a human head (~57 cm) by the year 2025.”

In the fifth slide, Lizzy made it clear that she is an independent girl and can even support her guy.

“I don’t live with my parents,” she adds. “In the event of a financial crisis, I have wealthy behind-the-scenes benefactors (parents) that can spot me cash.”

Finally, on the last slide, she included several gorgeous pictures of herself. The pictures are followed by some funny endorsements from some made up critics.

“Wanting to ask her out but she’s way out of my league,” she writes, attributing the quote to Channing Tatum.

“[Lilly] is as pungent as a lilac tree in bloom,” wrote the Times. “A dry and aphoristic wit — the voice of a grown-up — undercuts the youthful ardor.”

Well, one can think that such dedication and approach can win a heart over but this is not what happened with Lizzy. Back in March, when she posted these slides on her Twitter, her crush replied with an email that simply read: “This is very nice. Please stop contacting me.”


It is unclear if Lizzy’s crush, Carter was in on the joke, as according to reports, they seem to be close friends.

Many Twitter users got impressed by her approach. Even Microsoft tweeted at her to add that she is “pretty dang great at PowerPoint.”


[Featured Image by GaudiLab/Shutterstock]