‘Teen Mom OG’ Matt Baier Cheating And Assault Scandal: More Women Speak Out, Claim He Fathered Their Kids

Teen Mom OG‘s Matt Baier and his fiancee Amber Portwood have been through a lot lately, including several women coming forward claiming he has been cheating on Amber during their relationship. A few women have also made claims that Amber Portwood, who already has a history of domestic violence, has beaten Matt Baier–and they have the pictures to prove it.

A few of the women who have come forward have made shocking claims about Matt Baier. Not only do they say he cheated on Amber Portwood with them during their relationship, but more than one claim he fathered their child. One Twitter user, by the name of Jade Granthom, claims that Matt’s name is on her child’s birth certificate.


And while some of the women dished the dirt on Amber Portwood, Jade Granthom says she isn’t out to harm the mother of one.

“I love Amber and everything she stands for, she deserves to know the real @mattbEPT that she’s involved with! None of this is okay.”

Granthom referred to herself as “Just another estranged baby mama” and stated that she was proud of her young son that she didn’t have to share him with anyone. Granthom also claims that Matt Baier uses Snapchat more often than he uses any other platform because he knows it will go away.

The young woman appeared to be livid and is joining a parade of women coming forward with cheating allegations about Matt Baier. She took to Twitter to tell the world that she was even contemplating leaking his phone number because she was “that upset” with him.

These new allegations come on the heels of those that have been coming in from anonymous Twitter accounts in the past few days. Jade Granthom is the first woman, it appears, to have shared her identity.

Granthom also tweeted several text messages with the name (or phone number) blurred that are supposedly between herself and Matt Baier and Facebook messages between herself and Matt.


These new allegations come on the heels of a woman opening an anonymous Twitter account and claiming she had been having an ongoing relationship with Matt Baier during his relationship with Amber Portwood, but she wanted to come clean, partially for Amber’s sake.

Yesterday, a blogger by the name of Miss Smarty Jones, from the Smarty and Hayley podcast broke the silence on alleged abuse that took place between Matt Baier and Amber Portwood. According to Smarty Jones, Amber’s violence problem isn’t exactly in the past. Instead, she claims, she has been getting into physical altercations with her fiancé, leaving black eyes, bruises, and scratch marks. The blogger tweeted out disturbing photos of Matt Baier with blood on his face and other sustained injuries.

Matt Baier has been ignoring the allegations thus far and has responded to a few fans asking if there was any truth to the rumors. In a Facebook message between himself and a fan, he told her that the scratch marks and black eyes were from over five years ago, from before he even met Amber Portwood.

He also took to Snapchat to throw shade at those who believed the “rumors,” telling them that they should worry about more important things, like the Celtics losing their most recent game. According to his Twitter, he is living it up in Los Angeles and professing his love for Amber Portwood, calling her his Woman Crush Wednesday.

Portwood and Baier have been on the rocks for a while now, and Amber Portwood has stated in the past that she has a lot of trouble trusting him. Will this be enough to call off the October wedding?

[Featured Image by Amber Portwood/Instagram]