‘Teen Mom OG’s Gary Shirley Responds To Amber Portwood’s Assault Allegations, Amber Devastated

Teen Mom OG‘s Amber Portwood has found herself in the middle of a scandal, and reports say she is devastated by the turn of events.

Yesterday, a blogger by the name of Miss Smarty Jones wrote on her Twitter that she had intel and secret messages given to her from several of Matt Baier’s “side chicks,” and some of it alleged that Portwood had assaulted her fiance to the point of bruises and blood.

Fans of Teen Mom OG will remember that in 2010, a physical altercation between Amber and her ex Gary Shirley was televised. It led to Amber catching a charge and spending 24 hours in jail for domestic violence, though she was released on a $5,000 bond the next day.


The allegations coming from Miss Smarty Jones are very similar to those she was charged for doing to Gary Shirley, and Gary Shirley took the time to weigh in on the snaps sent to the blogger.

“I always hated those fingernails!” he clapped.

Allegations have also come forward that Matt Baier has fathered several children that Amber doesn’t know about. Gary Shirley, who remains protective over his ex Amber, has tried to warn her of this before. At one point, during filming of Teen Mom OG, he let her know that Baier had several more children he hadn’t confessed to, which drove Amber into a rage. Bringing it up during filming may not have been the best time, but it is clear he was looking out for the well-being of the mother of his daughter.

Gary Shirley’s response is rather brief, though some media outlets have accused him of “loving the drama.” Due to the nature of the allegations, it seems like that is a little far-fetched, as Gary Shirley doesn’t seem like the vindictive type.

Matt Baier has yet to respond to allegations, except telling fans one on one that the photos Miss Smarty Jones released are very old and come from before he met Amber. He also took a photo of himself on Snapchat, with the caption “People are really, really, really stupid.”

It also appears the blogger behind Miss Smarty Jones has been trying to use Gary Shirley as leverage, as though him knowing about the abuse would somehow make it stop or force Baier to come forward.


While Matt has kept mum on the subject and appears cool as a cucumber (he’s currently in L.A. at the moment), sources claim that Amber is devastated by the rumors, though Gary Shirley has yet to comment on her mental state.

“Amber feels horrible about the alleged abuse that is being reported. She knows that it is absolutely not true and Amber has never laid a finger on Matt. The rumor is actually devastating to her after how far she’s come to change her life and reputation,” the source said.

Amber Portwood has admitted to being addicted to drugs in the past and spent time in rehab in an attempt to get herself clean. Unable to kick her bad habits, she chose to spend five years in jail, a time that was reduced to 17 months, which she says she has done for her daughter.

Fans of Teen Mom OG and those who have followed Amber’s story know she has come a long way since her days of choking ex Gary Shirley on film. But will this new allegation ruin her reputation? Was Gary Shirley right all along about Matt Baier and should she have listened to him? Is Matt Baier faking the whole thing to get attention? The truth, as they say, will always come out.

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