‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For May: Stone Cold Jason’s History, Sonny’s Encounter With Carly’s Hot Lawyer

General Hospital spoilers for May suggest Sonny and Carly will take their marriage dispute to court. Due to Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) supposed lie about Nelle (Chloe Lanier) and Carly’s (Laura Wright) decision to sleep with Jax (Ingo Rademacher), the Corinthos couple is calling it quits. Meanwhile, the history surrounding Stone Cold Jason will come to light as Jake reveals who the scarecrow is to Franco.

Marriage Wars

Divorce is always a messy affair, more so when it involves Carly and Sonny. General Hospital spoilers tease that the couple’s troublesome marriage will lead to an even more complicated divorce proceedings. There were earlier rumors that Sonny will be involved with a lawyer and the newest spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry suggest the mob boss will meet a girl named Martina in a bar by May.

Spoilers for the upcoming week reveal that Sonny’s first scheme to have Jax arrested will fail thanks to Nelle. Carly will become even more furious with Sonny’s actions. She wants her husband out of her life, and she will not waste time in filing for divorce. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy) will soon give Sonny a call informing him that Carly already filed the divorce papers. Sonny will realize his marriage is falling apart and this will hit him hard.

A New Flame

News that Carly wants to officially put an end to their marriage will not be easy for Sonny. He would not keep on meddling with Carly’s life if he had no feelings left for his wife. General Hospital spoilers tease that Sonny’s grief will lead to a meeting with someone new. While trying to lose himself in alcohol at the Haunted Star, the mob boss will spill his drink on the gorgeous lawyer in the May 2 episode of General Hospital.


This accident will start things between Sonny and Carly’s divorce lawyer. General Hospital rumors refer to this new girl as Martina although there is a possibility that her name will change. Since Sonny introduces himself as Michael, the lawyer has no clue he is the Port Charles mob boss her client wants to divorce. The two will hit it off thanks to their mutual interest in sports and drinks. This fated evening will end with a kiss.

The next time these two will run into each other is in the courthouse. To save her career, the lawyer asks Sonny to pretend that they are strangers. They will try to resist each other although Sonny’s charm will win over. Based on Sonny’ history on General Hospital, he will use this beautiful woman to recover from the pain of another failed marriage. Since there were prior spoilers that Jax will return to Australia soon, Carly is single and available.

Stone Cold Jason

Sonny and Carly aside, Jason (Billy Miller) will have more reasons to feel hatred towards Franco (Roger Howarth). Based on the latest General Hospital spoilers for May, Jake’s experience in Cassadine Island is not the only story that writers plan to explore. Given the current developments on General Hospital, it appears that the show will also look into the time when Jason used to be Helena Cassadine’s armor.


Jake’s alarming stories will make it necessary for Franco to stick around. Now that Jake revealed that Jason is the scarecrow in his drawings, Franco will find it hard to step aside. General Hospital spoilers for the week of April 24 reveal that Jason will know Jake associates him with the scarecrow. The realization that his own son is scared of him will be hard on Jason.

Ultimately, he will accept that Franco is the only person to whom Jake is willing to open up. Jason will also start wondering what truly happened during his years in the Greek island. General Hospital spoilers for May sweeps tease that Jason will learn of his years as the ultimate killing machine in Cassadine Island.


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