WWE Rumors: Former Champion Claims Jinder Mahal Has ‘Red Flag’ For WWE’s Drug Testing Policy?

In the latest WWE rumors, a former member of the wrestling roster is suggesting that Jinder Mahal from the current SmackDown Live roster may need to be checked on by WWE’s drug administration staff. Mahal has recently gained a huge spot on the card, rising from jobber to being inserted into the championship picture with current title holder Randy Orton. However, a “big guy” who left the company under less-than-amicable terms is continuing to talk about current talent since leaving the WWE. That includes the extra “bulked up” Mahal.

As mentioned on his recent podcast, Conversations With the Big Guy, former WWE United States and Intercontinental Champion Ryback went on record to discuss Jinder Mahal and his physique. The former Raw roster member has been looking extra “buff” or “jacked up” since his return to the WWE months ago. Ryback mentioned in his podcast that Mahal’s “nipples looked swelled” on a recent episode of Raw which should be a “red flag” for WWE and their drug testing policies.

During Episode 34 of the podcast called “The Big Guys Court!,” Ryback talked about stem cell therapies and his belief that John Cena may have been using some of the techniques earlier in his career to heal faster. He also went on to comment about his own steroid use around 19- to 21-years-old and use of performance-enhancing drugs such as Andro.

WWE star Jinder Mahal interviewed by Renee Young
WWE star Jinder Mahal's chiseled physique and overall look has raised speculation about how he bulked up. [Image by WWE]

Jinder Mahal’s physical appearance is then b brought up as a topic by Ryback.

“Speaking of t*ts, [you know] who I noticed had t*ts this week on Raw?..Jinder Mahal, did you not notice that?”

His podcast co-host Pat Buck went on to say he recently noticed Jinder’s veins more, which Ryback joked are like “a road map all over his body.” The former WWE star added more in a bit of a joking rant on the subject.

“I just noticed, they did a f*****g close up of his chest and I just I noticed it right away. I’ve never had that or anything, cause like there’s no reason to. That like is, when you get guy with those red flags right off the f*****g bat, Dr. Black…That s**t don’t happen on its own.”

The Dr. Black that Ryback refers to in his comments is Dr. David L. Black who is part of the WWE and oversees the drug testing for the company. He was featured prominently after Chris Benoit’s drug use came to public attention and has worked with Aegis Sciences Corporation.

“The Big Guy” Ryback has his share of expert opinions when it comes to the topic of performance-enhancing drugs. Several months ago, Wrestling Inc. reported that Ryback confirmed on Jim Ross’ The Ross Report that he used PEDs in the past when he was part of the bodybuilding scene.

“They kind of started putting it in my head a little bit. I know it was my choice and my adolescent mindset where I’m comparing myself to other people rather than being the best version of myself. It was what it was and guys were doing it and I saw the guys that I liked growing up and they’ve openly admitted that they used them in the past. And if they do it and I like these guys, maybe I need to do this in order to be noticed and I did them for a period of probably three or four years off and on.”

Ryback also said that what made him stop using steroids was being part of WWE’s developmental system and being “subject to the Wellness Policy.” The policy is something that Mahal is subjected to at this point, but so far there hasn’t been any breaking news of Mahal being suspended for violation of the policy. However, Ryback has been hit with a violation during his career.

Ryback, real name Ryan Reeves, was suspended once during his time working with WWE, back when he was in Ohio Valley Wrestling. In July of 2006, he received a 30-day suspension for failing a drug test which he claimed was due to his use of over-the-counter bodybuilding supplements. Reeves indicated that one of those supplements caused a “false reading.” Those supplements were said to have been removed from the market after his suspension due to this, and Reeves passed another drug test after his suspension.

WWE star Jinder Mahal in Sixpack Challenge match
WWE star Jinder Mahal competes in a Sixpack Challenge match on SmackDown Live. [Image by WWE]

Mahal is currently 30-years-old and has been with WWE since around 2011 when he debuted. Originally, he was part of a feud involving The Great Khali. Over more recent times he’s worked as part of the stable “3MB” along with Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre but now seems to have a “bigger role” in the title picture. Just this past Tuesday night on SmackDown Live, he got a surprising win in a “Sixpack Challenge” match to become new No. 1 contender for Randy Orton’s World Championship at next month’s WWE Backlash pay-per-view.

Jinder Mahal yet to have served any suspensions during his years working with WWE. However, Reeves’ recent remarks are not the first time someone has speculated Mahal was using the drugs to bulk up. In January, the Sportskeeda website reported about Wrestling Observer Radio‘s Dave Meltzer’s comments regarding Mahal’s “physical appearance on Raw.” Meltzer had talked about Jinder’s look including “bulked up traps and acne on his back” which led him to believe Mahal may have been taking steroids.

WWE has never shied away from suspending their stars including those who are a big part of the roster. That includes the current WWE World champion that Jinder’s going to be working with, Randy Orton, who has two suspensions. A third suspension for any superstar results in WWE immediately dismissing them from the company. With Jinder now seeming to get more spotlight on SmackDown Live, one has to think WWE may be even more on top of his testing.

[Featured Image by WWE]