Is It Just A Coincidence That Serena Williams Announces Pregnancy on Maria Sharapova’s 30th Birthday?

Serena Williams sure knows how to get people talking. The tennis star is pregnant with her first child with fiance, Alexis Ohanian, and the world is beyond thrilled about it. She sent out a photo on Snapchat on Wednesday indicating that she is 20 weeks along, and it was later confirmed by a spokeswoman. Maria Sharapova is also celebrating a milestone today. She has just turned the big 30, but her day may have just been upstaged by her fellow tennis player. Was it just a coincidence that the baby news was posted on Sharapova’s birthday?

Serena had posted a selfie on Snapchat on Wednesday morning showing off her body in a bright yellow swimsuit. The hint that she gave only said 20 weeks. In addition, you can see what looks to be a baby bump showing in the photo. That post was deleted almost as soon as it went up. By then, the news had spread quickly and congratulations were all over social media. Sports Illustrated later confirmed that it is indeed true and that she is due in the fall.


The 35-year-old expectant mom will not be back on the tennis circuit for the rest of the year. That may be good news for Maria. The baby news was certainly a surprise today. It could have been that Serena Williams was just ready to make the announcement now that she is 20 weeks along, but it is certainly a weird coincidence that she chose April 19 to let the cat out of the bag.

Maria is making her comeback next week at the Porsche Grand Prix in Stuttgart after her 15-month banning suspension. She is eager to get back on the tennis court and the media is now watching her every move. She has been in the news lately now that she is close to making her return to professional tennis. Will her comeback now be overshadowed by Serena Williams’ exciting news?

Serena Williams pregnant
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Both women are strong athletes in the world of sports, but Serena has always been the stronger player, beating Sharapova more times than not. Of course, Williams has pretty much beaten every female tennis pro that she ever played, which is how she held her 186 consecutive weeks in the No. 1 spot. Angelique Kerber took that top ranking away from her last year, but the 23-time Grand Slam winner will be reclaiming it once again on April 24.

Some people on social media have declared that Serena Williams is throwing shade to Sharapova on her birthday with her pregnancy announcement. As for the Russian, she may not even realize just yet that her biggest rival is now five months pregnant. According to ESPN, she is enjoying her special day. Maria has received many birthday wishes from her fans and spent some time with a few friends, complete with a huge birthday cake. It looks like she is just fine with hitting the 30 mark. She is also more than ready to get back to playing with the big hitters next week.


The confirmation of Serena’s pregnancy means that she was carrying her first child at the same time she won her 23rd Grand Slam title at the 2017 Australian Open back in January. How cool is that? She is being hailed as a queen and may have earned even more respect because of it. She has even been compared to Beyonce, who is currently pregnant with twins.

Serena seems to be pushing ahead with her wedding plans as well. She recently posted an Instagram photo showing off a beautiful lacy train. She will now be focusing on both wedding and baby shopping at the same time. Just three days ago, she mentioned that she was fighting to get out of bed that day. It may have been a bout with morning sickness.

It seems that Serena and Maria are always pitted against each other, but there could always be some truth to this rumor. However, it is more likely that the future mom just wanted to share her happy news with the rest of the world today. Do you think that this baby news that Serena Williams made briefly today was meant to upstage Sharapova’s birthday?

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