‘My 600-LB Life’ Brittani And Sean Pictures: See The Amazing Progress In ‘Where Are They Now’ Special

My 600-LB Life: Where Are They Now? gave viewers a new glimpse into Brittani and Sean, two heart-breaking stories from the 2016 season, with pictures to show just how far the pair have come since weight-loss surgery.

The TLC reality show can be as daunting as it is popular, with viewers often seeking out weight-loss photos in the hope that the My 600-LB Life stars can make a dramatic turnaround. That is the case with Brittani and Sean, with pictures showing amazing weight loss for the My 600-LB Life stars since heading to Houston for gastric bypass surgery.

When Brittani appeared on My 600-LB Life last year, she had a simple but tragic goal — to be able to be intimate with her husband again. As she explained at the time, she wouldn’t even take off her clothes around him.

“I don’t walk around naked because I am afraid that he will be absolutely disgusted if he sees me and that he will never look at me the same way again,” she said on the show (via In Touch Weekly).


But Brittani has made a dramatic turnaround, with the My 600-LB Life star showing off pictures of her 200-pound weight loss. She even maintains a public Facebook page where she shows the pictures and takes questions from fans.

The weight loss came difficult at first, Brittani said in the episode.

“Each day has seemed harder and harder. Everything is so different now,” she explained in a clip from the episode (via Wet Paint). “Mentally I feel lost and confused and really unsure, but the joy I had for food and the comfort it brought me is gone.”

As viewers may remember, Sean was one of the largest people ever to appear on My 600-LB Life, weighing nearly 900 pounds when he first appeared. He had festering sores from his heat rashes, needed two people to care for him, and could only scoot to the edge of his bed to go to the bathroom.

By the time he appeared on the reality show, Sean was more than ready to lose weight but afraid of the consequences of surgery and the complications of getting to Houston.

“I’m not 100 percent certain this is the right decision to make,” the then 25-year-old said in a clip from My 600-lb Life (via People Magazine). “I am extremely nervous about this trip. It’s going to take anywhere from 30 to 40 hours to drive there. I’m very worried about that. If I fall, we won’t be near the hospital for people to pick me up.”


Pictures showed that Sean lost considerable weight after appearing on My 600-LB Life, but as Monsters and Critics noted, there were still some major roadblocks that remained.

“Now Sean has made some lifestyle changes. And after going on Dr. Younan Nowzaradan’s weight loss program and electing a sleeve bypass operation, he subsequently lost over 300-lb,” the report noted. “However, there’s a potential problem as Dr. Nowzaradan believes Sean’s immobility is hampered by the actions of his mother.”

Those who watch the My 600-LB Life special will see something of a satisfying update, with both subjects losing considerable weight, even if Sean still has some other issues to address. But given that he was more than 900 pounds and at the edge of death, any progress is vitally important. The fact that he still has more room to improve could also mean another update in the future for Sean.

More pictures of the My 600-LB Life weight loss for Brittani can be found here, and and Sean’s weight loss pictures can be found here.

[Featured Image by TLC]