Melania Trump Is A ‘Prisoner’ In A ‘Dark Fairytale,’ Filmmaker Says After Scrutinizing FLOTUS’ Twitter Photos

U.S. First Lady Melania Trump is a “fairytale prisoner by choice,” says filmmaker/writer Kate Imbach.

In a recent Medium article, Imbach attempted to puzzle out the First Lady’s character by analyzing the photographs she posted on Twitter in the years before her husband, President Donald Trump, launched his bid for the presidency. According to Imbach, the 470 photos Mrs. Trump shared between June 2012 and June 2015 basically amounted to her only public record.


After examining the Twitter snaps “as though they were a body of work,” Imbach’s conclusion was that Melania Trump is “living inside a dark fairytale.”

“She is Rapunzel with no prince and no hair, locked in a tower of her own volition, and delighted with the predictability and repetition of her own captivity.”

At the heart of Imbach’s analysis was the question: “Why won’t the First Lady do her job?”

While Trump reportedly decided to stay in New York City instead of moving into the White House so as not to disrupt her son’s schooling, the filmmaker said that the situation is “nonsense.” Convinced that the whole thing is “an absurdity,” Imbach looked to Melania’s Twitter photographs and selfies for the real answer.

In her piece, Imbach stressed that what people choose to photograph and how they frame their subjects say a lot about how they see the world. She broke down Mrs. Trump’s photography style and attempted to interpret what each element meant.

According to Imbach, the fact that Melania took just one photo of herself with Donald Trump in the three years she was uploading images to Twitter is indicative of her place in his life.


“He dominates the frame; her face is in shadow and cropped out,” Imbach pointed out.

“It is both a selfie and an erasure, a depiction of her placement within their world.”

The writer also took a stab at interpreting Melania’s photographs of her son, Barron, with his father. Because each of the five photos was taken from behind the two, Imbach surmised that “boys in front, girls in the back” is the norm for the Trumps.

“She lives in the background,” the filmmaker wrote.


As for how Melania Trump sees the rest of the world, Imbach looked to the First Lady’s snaps from Trump Tower, of which there were many. The writer noted that Mrs. Trump seemed to have stayed home a lot, or at least what “a lot” may have meant for someone with a private jet and loads of money.

Imbach also pointed out that there was a “striking passivity” to Melania’s photos of the views from Trump Tower.


“She never changed the composition of these landscapes, she placed no personal mark on them,” she wrote.

“There is a calmness, a kind of safety, to this approach.”

“The earth moves around the sun but the photographer is stable, in the exact same position, day after day,” she said, adding that the photos could have been taken by a “doomed recluse.”

“Let the world fall down around her  —  she’s not going anywhere.”

In the end, Imbach noted that Melania Trump’s refusal to join her husband at the White House (at least until later this year) may be due to her desire to protect Barron. And, according to the filmmaker, Melania Trump seems to equate protection with hiding.


Unfortunately, the First Lady’s need to hide seems more important than anything else — country, image, and even the millions in taxpayer money being spent to keep her safe in New York.

“Melania Trump is the woman least fit for public service in the entirety of the United States of America,” Imbach concluded.

“We should expect nothing from her.”

Meanwhile, Fox News reports that First Lady Melania Trump and her son, Barron, will soon be joining President Trump at the White House. This is contrary to rumors that the two will be staying at Trump Tower permanently.

[Featured Image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]