Chris Brown Announces Release Date For New Album And ‘Welcome To My Life’ Documentary

Chris Brown has finally announced an official release timeline for his highly anticipated, albeit controversial, Welcome to My Life documentary, as well as a simultaneous release for his eighth studio album, Heartbreak on a Full Moon.

The announcement appeared on Breezy’s official Instagram page on Tuesday alongside a photo of a fan tattoo bearing a resemblance to the rumored artwork for Brown’s impending album, with Chris praising the ink with the term, “dedication.”

“If this isn’t dedication……,” Chris Brown began in the caption of the post, before going on to reveal a June 2017 release date for his album and documentary.


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While little is known about what fans can expect in regard to Heartbreak on a Full Moon‘s track list, Breezy has been quietly dropping hints about the project via Instagram since announcing its arrival last year.

In July, Chris Brown confirmed his plans to release an eighth studio album after teasing snippets of his then yet-to-be-released single, “Grass Ain’t Greener,” which is believed to serve as a lead single off of the upcoming project.

Similarly, in a now-deleted Instagram post, Breezy gave fans insight into what type of sound they can expect from his newest release, telling followers that Heartbreak on a Full Moon will be “all emotions.”

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“Just trying to live…Can’t wait for y’all to hear the new stuff I been working on,” Brown began in his Instagram post. “All emotions, NEW PRODUCERS, grass ain’t greener!!!! Title: LOST & FOUND (heartbreak on a full moon).”

In addition, Brown has been slowly dropping, albeit deleting, snippets of tracks that are heavily rumored to appear on his upcoming album on social media, taking to Instagram and Periscope to tease brief clips of songs such as “Who This?”, “This Ain’t Love,” “Bite My Tongue,” and “45,” to name a few.

More recently, Chris Brown shared a snippet of another rumored lead single from Heartbreak on a Full Moon, titled “Sirens,” back in January, reminding fans in the caption of his post that he writes and produces his own music.

Similarly, while Brown hasn’t said whether or not his most recent releases will be included on the tracklist for his new album, the singer did recently drop a new music video for his new song, “Privacy,” earlier this week, which has already received rave reviews from fans and critics alike.

As for Breezy’s documentary, the project was previously announced last April alongside an emotionally charged trailer for the impending film, which aims to provide fans with an inside look into Brown’s passion for creating music, the nature of his headline-making relationships, as well as the way his 2009 assault on then-girlfriend Rihanna has impacted his role in the public eye.

Chris Brown – Welcome to My Life – Trailer from Riveting Entertainment on Vimeo.

While Brown’s decision to address the topic of Rihanna in the upcoming documentary sparked debate, as well as heavy criticism on social media, fans of the “Kriss Kross” singer have expressed their eagerness to get their hands on the documentary project.

Earlier this year, the “Wrist” singer sat down for an interview with Women’s Wear Daily, in which he dished about the release plans for the documentary, albeit then projecting an “early 2017” release for the film at the time of the interview.

“As humans, we limit ourselves by insecurities whether it be the insecurities that our parents put on us because of their protective fears,” Chris began of the inspiration behind Welcome to My Life. “They don’t want us to make the same mistakes that they did, or peer pressure from kids in college and school that you have to want to be accepted. Everyone is looking for acceptance or love—everybody. It’s on us as people to see past the blemish that people might put on other people whether they’re overweight, pretentious, cocky, arrogant, racist—whatever it is—all stems from fear.”

Chris Brown talks addressing his 2009 assault on Rihanna in his "Welcome to My Life" documentary.
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Brown further added, “Everybody wants to be loved and accepted. My goal is to transcend that and show people, ‘They may break you down, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop.'”

As for how the documentary will be distributed and made available to fans, Chris Brown revealed that the film would debut in “approximately 300 theaters.”

Similarly, while Brown garnered backlash for his decision to address his assault on Rihanna in the film, Breezy told the site that he remains focused on moving forward from that period in his life.

“I think the Rihanna situation happened 10 years ago so you guys are stuck in the past. I can easily call Flash from Justice League and he probably can take y’all back through time and you can figure that out. For me, I’m only about moving forward.”

What do you think of a June 2017 release date for Chris Brown’s documentary, Welcome to My Life, and his Heartbreak on a Full Moon album?

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