Selena Gomez’s ’13 Reasons Why’: Bullying Message Lost On Many Of Its Most Outspoken Fans [Updated]

Selena Gomez was the executive producer of the smash hit Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why, so it makes sense that the cast of the show would be big fans of the singer’s work. On the other hand, almost everyone – especially Millennials, like most of the cast of 13 Reasons Why – has a favorite Selena Gomez song.

Teen Vogue reported that some of the 13 Reasons Why cast were asked to name their favorite Selena Gomez songs, and although none of the cast members gave the same answer as another, they all seemed equally passionate about their love for Gomez’s work.

Dylan Minnette, who plays Clay on 13 Reasons Why, chose “Me and the Rhythm” from Selena Gomez’s Revival album as his personal favorite, adding that the song is “so good.”

Tommy Dorfman, who plays Ryan on the hit Netflix show, says that he connects with the beautiful lyrics of “Sober,” also from Gomez’s Revival album.

“She has this song called ‘Sober’ that I really love. It’s off the Revival album. It’s pretty low-key, I don’t think it was a single, but it’s probably my favorite song. It’s just really beautiful. The lyrics, I connect to.”

Brandon Flynn, the actor behind the character of Justin on 13 Reasons Why, couldn’t remember the name of his favorite Selena Gomez song, but he did a pretty good job of describing “It Ain’t Me,” a collaboration between Selena Gomez and Norwegian DJ Kygo, which was released earlier this year.

“The name is escaping me, but the new one with Kygo is like the best one ever, I can’t stop listening to it.”

And Devin Druid, who plays Tyler, couldn’t choose between his top two favorite Selena Gomez songs: “Kill Em With Kindness,” the acoustic version of which appears on the 13 Reasons Why soundtrack, as well as “Perfect.”

In other news, 13 Reasons Why may have become a hit Netflix series for many millennials, but unfortunately, its underlying messages about bullying and teen suicide have not been embraced by all of the show’s fans.

J-14 reported that when singer Zara Larsson expressed her negative opinion of Selena Gomez’s 13 Reasons Why on Twitter, fans of Gomez and the show slammed the singer, calling her opinions “irrelevant.”

Larsson clarified her comments, explaining that she does understand the message behind the Selena Gomez-executive produced show, but that she personally did not enjoying it because she found it “too unrealistic” and that it “romanticizes a revenge suicide.” She clarified that these comments were simply her personal opinion on the show.

“But that’s just me.”

But despite the singer’s arguably reasoned comments and the lack of anger or attack in her tweets, fans of Selena Gomez and her new Netflix show blasted Larsson with comments and tweets defending the show.

It finally got the point where Zara Larsson was being accused of not liking Selena Gomez or Taylor Swift, so she posted a tweet saying that she “loves” both singers, and the whole argument is “stupid.”

Shortly after this last all-caps tweet, Larsson deleted her entire Twitter history, later admitting that she used the website to do so and started again with a fresh, clean twitter account.

As many of Larsson’s fans pointed out, those defending Selena Gomez and 13 Reasons Why following Larsson’s tweet essentially bullied the singer to the extent that she felt the need to delete her Twitter history, while defending a show about bullying and teen suicide.

It seems a shame that while Selena Gomez’s 13 Reasons Why has become such a hit, its message has been lost on many of its most outspoken fans.

As it turns out, Zara Larsson is not alone in her views. Refinery29 reported that the show has come under fire by several mental health experts, with Self magazine even believing that 13 Reasons Why isn’t “the force for mental health awareness” that it thinks it is. Another expert even said that the suicide scene was uncomfortably real, and that it’s not only experts expressing this opinion.

“It teeters dangerously on the edge of emotional torture porn.”

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