Melania Trump And Donald Trump Marriage Secret Revealed By High School Friend

The marriage between United States President Donald Trump and former model Melania Trump has had its fair share of scrutiny and criticism, from claims that Melania is being held captive to rumors that they aren’t in love at all. Despite such suspicions lingering online, the first couple has maintained tight-lipped about their marriage, and rightly so.

There have been previous reports that claim Melania Trump is a rather unhappy first lady which resulted in separate bedrooms for the first couple. According to Life Style and Mag, it is a given that Melania and Donald live 200 miles away since the president resides in the White House, while the first lady opted to stay in Trump Tower. However, rumors suggest that on the rare occasion that the two are to spend the night in the same city, they still sleep in separate quarters.

Fortunately, such rumors are continuously being slammed as Melania Trump clearly states that she is staying in Trump Tower only until the end of the school year. Looking back, one might recall that the decision to stay behind in New York City was inspired by Barron Trump’s need to finish the school year. Apparently, Melania Trump prioritizes being a mother above all else — thus her urge to ease young Barron Trump into the rough transition that is his father’s rise to the presidency.

Despite all the claims regarding Melania Trump’s state of happiness and the validity of her marriage to Donald Trump, there have been reports favoring the first couple’s marriage. According to Daily Star, there is a reason why Donald Trump married Melania, and why he has stayed with her all these years.

Taking a brief glimpse down memory lane, Melania Trump, 45, first met The Donald during a Fashion Week party in New York way back 1998. In seven years, the couple was married in a manner fitting of a billionaire such as Donald Trump.

Since Donald Trump assumed the presidency a few months prior, the marriage between him and Melania Trump has been the focus of many. The fact that numerous video clips of Melania wearing an unhappy face surfaced on the internet may have contributed to the situation.

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There have been claims that Melania Trump is utterly unhappy with her new role, stating that she never asked to be the first lady. However, her friends have leaped to her defense, claiming that Melania Trump is the kind of spirit who prefers to stay out of political concerns.

One of Melania’s friends who took it upon themselves to speak for the first lady, was Vladimira Tomšič, a high school friend. According to Tomšič, the Slovenian-beauty holds a special virtue which caused Donald Trump to stay with her for such a long time. Apparently, the source reveals that the key to Donald and Melania’s long-lasting marriage lies within Melania’s values.

“The secret of why he’s with her is her traditional values and the importance of family to her,” Tomšič claims. According to Express, Tomšič apparently went to school with Melania and has been friendly with the first lady’s family as well.

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Although Melania remains to be a political enigma for some, the fact remains that she is not only beautiful on the outside, but also on the inside. Tomšič claims about the values held by the first lady sheds light on why such a powerful man like Donald Trump was held captive by her grace for so long.

Moreover, Melania Trump has also proven time and time again that her family comes first, further proving the statements shared by Tomšič. Looking back, one might recall that Melania Trump has always placed her son Barron Trump above all else, even if it means staying behind in Trump Tower and being the hot topic for many controversial concerns that followed that decision.

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