Kate Gosselin Rumors: Kate Shares Easter Photo With Troubled Son Collin, But Was The Picture A Fake?

Kate Gosselin has, sometimes, been in the news for all the wrong reasons, but the latest Kate Gosselin rumors have the reality TV mom in the news for the right reasons. As Easter was just a few days ago, Kate and her family celebrated, just as many Christians all over the world did as well. But what was interesting about Kate’s Easter celebrations was that she shared a photo with featuring her troubled son, Collin. Fans of the show are now wondering if it’s possible that we’ll be seeing more of Collin in the future, and they’re also wondering what’s next for the mega-family.

Of course, if the latest Kate Gosselin rumors are to be believed, the mom-of-eight used an old photo of herself and her family to hide the fact that Collin isn’t home — yet.

In Touch Weekly reports that Kate said that Collin needed more help than she could give him at the time.

“I was not able, with my own resources here, to meet his goals. He needs to be in an environment to help him learn the skills and gain the insight to be the best Collin that he can be.”

This isn’t the first time that Kate has come under fire for her parenting.

Last year, ABC News attempted to clear up the Kate Gosselin rumors about her lack of proper parenting skills by sitting down with her and giving her a chance to defend herself.

Kate was quick to blame the media for her troubles, claiming they were all conspiring against her and that they made things worse than they actually were for her and her family.

“‘She went on to say that despite her ex-husband’s assertions that he would take her to court over the issue, that she does not focus on that. I’m really focused less on what Jon has to say… I don’t really pay attention to be honest.’ Jon’s attorney Kristen Dolvea-Lecher told ABC News, ‘The whole story is not being told… [Jon] is a loving and caring father who is acting within the scope of the law to do what is best for his kids.'”

And Jon Gosselin hasn’t let up on spreading the Kate Gosselin rumors about her parenting skills, either.

According to Page Six, Jon — who’s now a DJ-turned-stripper-turned-TGI-Friday’s waiter — never thought that his life would end up the way it has, either.

The outlet spoke to Kate’s ex-husband, who’s been making a bit of a spectacle of himself in the spotlight between ridiculous gigs, slamming Kate, and dressing in head-to-toe Ed Hardy haute couture. He said that he was annoyed by the publicity he got from being on the show with his family, and he was tired of always being in the spotlight.

“‘I literally thought when I quit ‘Jon and Kate Plus 8’ in 2009 that it was like quitting a job. ‘See ya. Have a nice life. I’m just gonna move on,'” he said. ‘It just doesn’t work that way. For years I thought … why do people care so much? You just have to live with it.'”

He also gains inspiration from a rather, uh, interesting song.

“I always think about Tupac’s ‘Changes’… if you listen to the words, it really professes a lot of things. Part of me is Bobby Brown ‘My Prerogative.’ Because it is my prerogative! It’s not anyone else’s business.”

What do you think of this latest round of Kate Gosselin rumors? Do you think that the photo Kate shared with her fans was a fake?

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