‘Dance Moms’ Alum Maddie Ziegler Shares Photos Of Her First Public Romance

Dance Moms alum and Abby Lee Miller favorite Maddie Ziegler is 14, and that means she’s at the prime age to find her first love. And in love, she is –and she’s sharing it all over her Instagram for her fans to see.

The young dancer’s sister, Mackenzie Ziegler, spilled the beans not too long ago in a YouTube video that Maddie was dating a boy “named Jack.” Since then, it’s been a free-for-all of PDA, cuddles, and profession of young love on the starlet’s social media.

my girl ???? #dwlookclosely

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Maddie Ziegler’s first love is an Australian by the name of Jack Kelly, and no he’s not Christian Bale’s character in Newsies. Although not much has been revealed about him, apart from his Instagram (where he has gained a sizeable following, thanks to his photos featuring the starlet), the pair have been rumored to have been an item since January of this year. They just recently confirmed it on Instagram and have even done a few live streams together, making their relationship social media official.

Fans of Maddie Ziegler have gushed over the pair, and have already given them a star nickname: Jaddie.

Pictures of the pair at Disneyland with her younger sister Mackenzie and a male friend were dotted all over the pair’s Instagram as they celebrated being in love and their new life in Los Angeles.

Miss my girl ❤

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It is unclear if Maddie Ziegler’s beau, Jack Kelly, lives in the United States or Australia permanently, as he has both the Australian and American flags on his profile. However, Maddie recently commented on one of his Instagram photos that she “didn’t want to leave him,” but she may be referring to an upcoming trip out of town for work.

Since leaving Dance Moms, the star has been incredibly busy working full-time in Hollywood. Maddie Ziegler wrote a memoir about her life, titled The Maddie Diaries, where she talks about her private life and things her fans may not know about her. The starlet also revealed that during her time on Dance Moms, she was often incredibly nervous and stressed, and that fans could see this manifesting in her constant nail-biting.

Besides her book reaching the New York Times best-seller list, she’s also about to promote her new film The Book of Henry. Although Maddie Ziegler has appeared in several scripted television shows, this is her first live-action feature-length film. The dancer appears with Hollywood heavyweights Naomi Watts and Jacob Tremblay, and stars as the girl-next-door suffering from abuse at the hands of her stepfather and becomes the focal point of the film. She even has a dance scene at a pivotal moment in the movie.


She also recently showed her acting chops for the animated film Ballerina, which is alternately titled Leap! in some countries. Although the movie centers around dance, unfortunately Maddie Ziegler isn’t actually seen. Instead, she lends her voice to Camille, the arch nemesis of Elle Fanning’s character, 11-year-old Felice, who simply wants to be a ballerina. Maddie joked that she had to channel being mean to her younger sister since acting rude does not come naturally to her.


For now, Maddie Ziegler is enjoying her time in LA as she promotes her book and a new film, and continues her relationship with Sia. And while Abby Lee Miller has left Dance Moms, Maddie has stated that she doubts she will ever return to the show, even though a small appearance might mean a huge ratings boost. Still, she’d rather keep doing what she’s doing, and it looks like the 14-year-old starlet couldn’t be happier in her life or with the promise and excitement of a first love.

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