Casey Anthony Now: Is Casey Anthony Pregnant And Engaged? Says She’s Hoping For Another Girl

When people speak of Casey Anthony now, they think of someone that they would never allow to babysit their own child, yet a friend of Anthony now claims that Casey Anthony is pregnant and engaged. Anthony is said to think of this as her “second chance,” and she is hoping for another girl; perhaps as a metaphorical do-over. In 2008, Casey Anthony was acquitted in the brutal death of her toddler Caylee, after the child died under suspicious circumstances. For nearly a decade, Casey Anthony has been laying low, but Casey Anthony now is coming forward to publish an autobiography.

Casey Anthony has given an interview, saying that her life is boring, and she mostly lives off of donations from “fans and admirers,” according to the Inquisitr. Casey Anthony now is working as a photographer as she has no formal education. Anthony was living quietly in Palm Beach, Florida, but she got tired of living quietly because it was “boring.” Dominic Casey, an investigator for Casey Anthony’s lawyer, Jose Baez, became a friend and confidante of Casey Anthony, and he is said to be writing a book claiming that Anthony paid Baez for legal services with sex.

Hollywood Life says that a friend of Casey Anthony is speaking out, saying that Casey Anthony is pregnant in her first trimester, and she is looking to get married. Reportedly, Casey Anthony knows what the public thinks of her, and she could care less, as she is looking forward to her “second chance.”


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Casey Anthony has hinted that she hoped to have more children one day, and reportedly, the day has arrived.

“Casey knows there will be an onslaught of attention and pubic outcry once people find out that’s pregnant. But she doesn’t care. She has been seeing the guy for about five months. He’s just an ordinary good-looking guy who happened to fall in love with her.”

Casey Anthony was also single when she got pregnant with her first child, Caylee, and she refused to name the father for months. Tragically, that case ended with the child dead under mysterious circumstances. But the source close to Casey Anthony says that she is telling those close to her who the father is, and they are planning to marry. And yes, the man knows about her background.

“He has a normal job in construction business and wants the same things in life as Casey. Her friends think he’s good for her and will be a good dad.”

Perhaps the most unsettling information from the source close to Casey Anthony is that Casey hopes she is carrying a girl.

“It’s still too early to find out the gender, but Casey really wants as daughter. Despite what happened to Caylee, Casey thinks she’s better equipped to raise a girl because she understands them better.”

And while the details of the case of Caylee Anthony’s death still haunt total strangers, Casey Anthony now says that she sleeps well at night, and she has put the events surrounding the death of her child behind her. She still speaks matter-of-factly about the last time she saw her daughter, Caylee, alive.

“The last time I saw my daughter, I believed she was alive and was going to be OK, and that’s what was told to me.”

But Casey Anthony now says she is living a normal boring life, and she is ready to move on.

“I don’t give a s–t about what anyone thinks about me, I never will. I’m OK with myself, I sleep pretty good at night.”

Do you find it disturbing that Casey Anthony now doesn’t seem troubled about her daughter’s death, and she is hoping to have another child?

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