Robert Godwin Sr.: Facebook Killer Victim Promised Girlfriend He’ll Be Back For Lunch, Said ‘I Love You Girl’

Robert Godwin Sr., the 74-year-old victim of the gruesome Cleveland shooting, reportedly promised his girlfriend he’ll be back for lunch with his sweet last words, “I love you girl.” Hours later, the loving partner, father, and grandfather never made it back home.

Angela Smith, 34, will never forget the time she heard Robert Godwin Sr. utter his last words to her, minutes before his tragic death. Smith, who was in a relationship with the slain senior citizen for 18 years, tearfully recalled that fateful day when Godwin Sr. was taken away from her and their two young children.

In an interview with the DailyMail, Angela Smith revealed her final moments with Robert Godwin Sr. Apparently, the loving partner made a promise to return home after his routine of collecting empty soda cans. Angela shared how their last moment appeared to be typical and nothing out of the ordinary.

“He said ‘I love you girl’ as he left. He always said that. He was looking forward to the lunch I was cooking. He said ‘Call me when the food done’ and I was laughing as I said ‘Ok I’ll call you. I got you.’ He loved my chicken and dressing and couldn’t wait to eat it.”

Later that day, Robert Godwin Sr. was shot and killed by a distressed man, Steve Stephens, who broadcasted the crime on Facebook. Stephens reportedly approached Godwin Sr. walking down the Glenville neighborhood, apparently at random. The deranged suspect shot the victim in the head after instructing him to say the name “Joy Lane,” his ex-girlfriend.

Reports revealed that the victim was shot close to the house he was sharing with his girlfriend and their two children. According to Angela Smith, Robert Godwin Sr. left their house that day to collect tin cans. Apparently, it was a hobby the old man loved to do after his retirement in 2011. She also made it clear that Godwin Sr. is not collecting cans to sell, and there was no need for him to do such thing.

“My Baby-daddy had money in the bank. He was driving a 2016 (car). It wasn’t about selling the cans, it was his hobby. Whenever we went to the grocery store, he’d be checking for cans. This was nothing out of the ordinary for him. He didn’t need no money.”

Smith also revealed how devastated their two children were upon learning that their father tragically died. She added that their children, aged 11 and eight, could not fathom why Godwin Sr. was murdered brutally like that.

“They just want to know why he [Stephens] took somebody who was so precious to them. I told them he is up there with God. God needed him. I couldn’t really explain.”


In the same interview, Angela Smith also described the love of her life as someone who “loved and respected” her despite their age difference. She also recalled how they went against the odds with their relationship.

“He was a good man, I loved him and he loved and respected me. The age difference didn’t matter. I didn’t care what anybody said. Now I have to live without him and it’s very hard.”

Smith still could not believe how Godwin Sr.’s life ended. She reiterated that her partner, who has always been caring to all of his children and grandchildren, did not deserve to be taken away tragically like this. In the end, Angela just wanted Steve Stephens to surrender and take responsibility for his crimes.

“He was just in the wrong place, wrong time. Anywhere he went he would just protect the kids and now this has happened to him. To see him holding his bag up as a defense was like seeing a kid in trouble. It is heartbreaking.”

On Tuesday, Steve Stephens was tracked and chased by the police after an employee from McDonald’s recognized him at the drive-thru. The suspect, who tried to evade the authorities, lost control of the car and took his own life.

Robert Godwin Sr.’s funeral service will be held on Saturday at 10:00 a.m.

[Featured Image by Debbie Godwin/ Facebook]