‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: A New Love Connection May Be Brewing For Jade

On Days of Our Lives, Jade’s romance with Joey (James Lastovic) has been rocky these past few months, to say the least. When the pair first met on Days, fans of the daytime drama didn’t get a great first impression of Jade (Gabrielle Haugh). She certainly was not the girl that viewers wished Joey would end up with. Jade was a risk taker, a party girl, and she lied continuously. Jade’s reputation with Days of Our Lives viewers sank further when she convinced her boyfriend at the time, Joey, to run away from Salem with her. They found themselves in a commune in California where Joey ended up getting shot.

Previously on Days, Joey has shown Jade that he isn’t interested in continuing his relationship with her. Jade has struggled to keep him close by; however, this may soon change. If Jade isn’t able to get Joey back into her grasp, she may want to look in the direction of the newest arrival in Salem, Tripp Dalton.

Tripp is Steve and Ava’s missing son and step-son of Kayla. He arrived in Salem, hoping to become part of a family, only to find himself in the middle of normal Days of Our Lives drama. Recent episodes have shown us that Jade may be considering Joey’s half-brother Tripp (as played by Lucas Adams on Days of Our Lives) as a new potential romance.

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When Soap Hub asked which brother Jade should choose to be with on Days of Our Lives, more than 4,500 fans weighed in with their thoughts. A vast majority of viewers felt that Jade should steer clear of a relationship with either one of the brothers.

“Jade is the neediest girl in Salem and shouldn’t be with either Johnson brother, say 68% of you. She needs to get herself together, first; find out who she is and learn how to stand on her own two feet. Then, and only then, should she even think about embarking on a relationship. Once she does, Jade should probably steer clear of Joey and Tripp. They’ve got too much family drama going on, and she’s got enough of that in her own life.”

While only six percent of Days of Our Lives fans feel that Jade should keep fighting for her relationship with Joey, 27 percent of viewers believe she should pursue a relationship with Tripp.

“He seems like a nice guy and could probably use someone to lean on, while he tries to figure out his newfound family. Being there for Tripp would give Jade someone and something else to think about besides herself. That would certainly be a nice change of pace for the self-centered teen.”


By the looks of things, it seems as if Tripp will be spending some time on the set of Days of Our Lives. He has threatened to leave Salem many times, but every time he comes close to packing his bags and leaving, something or someone stops him. The last time this happened, it was Jade who begged him to stay. She charmed him with a story about her past, making him feel as if he had someone who truly understood him.

In a recent episode of Days, Jade followed Tripp to the bar, where the pair talked over a drink. That is until Kayla broke up the conversation by walking in and sternly telling Jade to put the drink down. The closer Tripp and Jade become, the more volatile the situation with Steve and Joey’s secret becomes. Jade knows that Joey killed Tripp’s mother Ava, not Steve like Tripp was told. Viewers of the daytime series spoke out, saying that they believe Tripp’s romantic interest in Salem will most likely be Jade. The union benefits the Days of Our Lives storyline, creating more twists and turns than a rollercoaster.

“It’ll be Tripp and Jade because Jade knows the truth about Ava’s death, plus she is broke.”

“I think Tripp will be interested in Jade… danger…. she knows that Joey killed his mom, I don’t trust her or Tripp.”

Since Joey has told Jade that he is no longer interested in the relationship, and doesn’t share her romantic feelings, Jade is now available to begin a new relationship. Tripp’s brother won’t mind if he steps in to fill the void, will he? Considering the family drama brewing, from Tripp’s perspective, it may be even better if Joey does mind.

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The risk of Jade telling Tripp everything is there, so Kayla and Steve sure won’t like it if Tripp and Jade become any closer than they currently are. Snuggling up to Jade is the perfect way to get under his new father’s skin. Tripp certainly doesn’t want to hear anything that Steve has to say about his actions. This fact alone could push him directly into the arms of Jade.

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