‘Teen Mom 2’s’ Kailyn Lowry And Ex-Hubsand Javi Marroquin On Again Or Just Reuniting For The Kids?

Newly single Kailyn Lowry may be pregnant with her third child by a mystery man, but her Snapchats have included one man Teen Mom 2 fans know pretty well–ex-husband Javi Marroquin. The pair, who ended last season with one explosive fight after another, are actually on speaking terms, and possibly even a little bit more.

According to Kailyn Lowry’s snapchat, the pair reunited in order to teach her son, Isaac, seven, to ride a two wheel bike. While this would seem like nothing to many divorced parents, fans of Teen Mom 2 will remember that there was once a time Kailyn Lowry was so angry at Javi that she wouldn’t even allow him to throw away his garbage in her house.

Kids playing in the street
Javi takes the time to teach ex-stepson, Isaac, to ride a two wheeler [Image by Kailyn Lowry/Snapchat]

Javi told In Touch Weekly that things between the two are going really well and that they are getting along for the sake of the boys.

“We are actually doing really well. Everything is behind us now and we’ve moved on. It’s all about the boys now and it’s great,” he said.

No matter what fans think of Javi or his relationship with Kailyn Lowry, no one can deny that he’s been a great stepdad to 3-year-old Lincoln. The first grader took the split pretty hard and was often seen pouting and asking for “his other dad,” even in the presence of his real (and involved) dad, Jo. Most viewers would agree that watching him realize he might not get a permanent room in Javi’s new house was absolutely devastating, as he couldn’t understand why Lincoln, Javi’s biological son, would get the honor and not him.

Kailyn Lowry and Javi have stated in the past that they wanted Isaac to continue to have a relationship with Javi. Even Isaac’s father, Jo Rivera, stated that he would be willing to facilitate it if Kailyn and Javi couldn’t get along long enough to allow a meeting.

The pair has certainly come a long way from last season, when Kailyn Lowry not only wouldn’t let Javi throw away his garbage in her house, but also stated that she was reticent to allow him to see the boys. In a rampage, Javi had gone into the house and torn it apart, which he claims he was doing to see how clean she was keeping the house. Kail, however, says she thinks he was trying to snoop and see if someone lived there with her or if she was cheating on him.

While the two are now in a good place, some fans are speculating that the pair may be more than just friends and co-parents. The rumors came from the simple tweet, as many often do, from Kailyn Lowry’s account.


This sparked rumblings that the pair is now reunited romantically due to the fact that Javi has always been a huge Crossfit junkie. Before this tweet, Kailyn Lowry has never mentioned being a fan of the sport, which caused many to wonder if there was something more to the tweet.


However, it could be possible that Kailyn Lowry simply now has an interest in Crossfit thanks to her ex and is working on getting in shape and staying that way for when the baby comes.

The mother of two is due to have her third baby fairly soon, and though she has been silent over the paternity of the baby, she still seems to be happy and glowing over it.

Recently, there was a rumor that Lowry was involved in a sex tape scandal, but that seems to be behind her. As both she and Javi have blasted the rumors, and she doesn’t seem to be too worried, it is doubtful it will surface anytime soon.

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