Arthur Collins Acid Attack: Ferne McCann Urges Boyfriend To Turn Himself In To London Police

The police are now searching for Ferne McCann’s boyfriend, Arthur Collins, following an acid attack at a nightclub in London in which he was named as one of the suspects, BBC reports.

The incident reportedly occurred on Sunday at the Mangle nightclub in the East End. The acid attack left 20 people injured. A witness said the attack left two men “unable to see.”

Officers believe that the attack happened following a dispute between two groups. Police said they do not believe the attack was gang-related. No arrests have been made yet.

The Metropolitan Police has warned the public that Collins might be potentially dangerous and to call 999 if they see him.

Ferne Mccann, 26, claimed she had no knowledge of what Collins was up to and where he was around the time the acid attack happened. She urged her boyfriend to go to a station and cooperate with the police via her representative.

Ferne’s representative issued a statement following reports that the police are looking for Collins in response to the acid attack.


“Ferne is aware that the police wish to speak to Arthur Collins and the nature of the accusations against him,” the rep said.

“Obviously these are highly shocking and Ferne has co-operated with the police in their inquiries. She was not with Arthur on Sunday night; was not at Mangle; and has no direct knowledge of the events that unfolded.”

“As much as anybody she wants to know the truth and urges Arthur to co-operate fully with the police and attend a police station immediately.”


Isabella Fraser, 22, and her sister Prue, 22, who were among the people who suffered chemical burns from the acid attack, said that “it’s a miracle no one was killed.”

The two sisters, according to Yahoo UK, arrived at the club at 11:30 p.m.. Prue told the Evening Standard that they already sensed that the attackers were up to something when they saw them enter the club.

“I saw two men walk in and you could tell they were looking for trouble. The attack seemed very targeted,” she said.

“I ended up in the middle of this fight and I was thrown over the barrier near the bar with all my stuff. Getting up I could feel my arm was burning. It was like boiling water had been poured over me but like I was cut as well. I have never experienced anything like it, it was excruciating.”

Who is Arthur Collins?

Before the London acid attack, Arthur Collins was considered Ferne McCann’s “reformed bad boy” love interest, as reported by Telegraph. In fact, the latest issue of OK! Magazine hitting shelves this week features the pair in rosy circumstances.


The 25-year-old Collins, a businessman from Essex, had a stormy relationship with McCann since they announced their romance via social media while vacationing in Marbella. The romance didn’t last, as the pair broke up during a holiday in Ibiza. After the split, McCann removed all photographs of McCann from her social media accounts.

After failing to find a suitable partner on the E4 reality series Celebs Go Dating, McCann went on Snapchat to post photographs of a “mystery man” in her bed. That “mystery man” turned out to be Collins.

In their OK! Magazine interview, the couple said that they’re so in love that they’ve already planned their wedding, despite the fact that Collins haven’t popped the question yet.

“We’ve spoken about our wedding,” McCann said. “We want to get married on a beach. I want it to be a party and a celebration. I want to be in the best shape of my life and I’d love to wear a backless wedding dress. I’ve been told that I have a great back.”

Ferne McCann took the interview as an opportunity to defend Collins’s past controversies, putting it down to youth.

“He’s a very good boy. Those Facebook posts were nine years ago,” the TOWIE star said. “We all did silly things when we were teenagers.”

McCann and Collins also revealed in the interview that they’ve been planning to move in together.

“We spend every night together anyway. Moving in is definitely the next step. And I know that seems a bit rushed, but when you know, you know. Arthur is moving in the day after I get the keys! I get them on May 5, he’ll move in on May 6. So I just need 24 hours to settle in and put my stuff down.”

[Featured Image by Vianney Le Caer/AP Images]