OnePlus 5 Release Date In Q2 2017, June Launch Likely

News about OnePlus 5’s release date is receiving more demand, especially after its competitor, the Galaxy S8, was launched. With successful predecessors, the next flagship is one of the most anticipated smartphones this year. So what is waiting for the fans this year and when will it be launched?

OnePlus 5 Release Date Could Be In June

Previously, Inquisitr confirmed that the OnePlus 3 successor is indeed going to be called OnePlus 5 instead of OnePlus 4. This proves preceding rumors about the Chinese company skipping the dreaded number four because of their culture’s superstitious beliefs.


Now, the hottest talk in town is that OnePlus 5 is going to be released sooner than expected. According to numerous reports, the next flagship of the company is arriving as early as the second quarter of this year. We’re now in April, which means that we can expect an event happening soon. The latest we can expect the smartphone is in June.

If we’re taking into account the launch dates of its predecessors, OnePlus 5 could well likely arrive in June. OnePlus 3 was released in June last year, while the model directly preceding it was launched in July. June fits into the pattern and into the rumored Q2 2017 release.

June is also the perfect time to release the OnePlus 5. The Samsung Galaxy S8 has just been released, which means it is best to wait a little to avoid the risk of being overshadowed by the more mainstream company. It is also wise to release a competitor not too long after, so that consumers will not give in and buy whatever’s available.

OnePlus 5 Specs Will Bring Down Samsung Galaxy S8, iPhone 8

Although OnePlus is basically a newcomer to the mobile industry, its flagship has already made a name for itself against the mainstream phones on the market. With a cheap price tag and almost the same paper specs, it is a great value for money that can even challenge the much more expensive Galaxy S and iPhone.

That is why the OnePlus 5 is greatly anticipated. The Galaxy S8 had a strong launch, while the iPhone 8 is looking to be another amazing smartphone by Apple. The successor to the OnePlus 3 will no doubt blow these out of the water with similar specs but a much cheaper price tag.

The OnePlus 5 is greatly believed to sport a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor with as much as 8GB of RAM. Its predecessor had 6GB RAM, so it is likely that OnePlus will be making the jump to 8GB.

Samsung Electronics' Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones are shown off during a media day in Seoul, South Korea
[Image by Lee Jin-man/AP Images]

On the front side is a 5.5-inch 2K display. According to Huffington Post, OnePlus 5 may go with the trend and ditch the traditional home button for more screen space. And similar to the Galaxy S8, fans demand a curved display with small bezels.

At the rear should be a 23-megapixel dual-camera setup with optical zoom and Optical Image Stabilization. This camera will give the OnePlus 5 an advantage over the Korean company’s latest model. The Galaxy S8’s backside is less desirable than its competitors in that it only has a single camera and the fingerprint scanner is placed in an awkward position beside it.

So there you have it. Those are some pretty high-end specs for a fairly inexpensive smartphone, just like the ones before it. Fans are just hoping that OnePlus won’t go Apple on them and increase the prices, which would make them lose their customer base.

As of now, the Chinese company is still quiet about its plans for the OnePlus 5. But as we progress through the second quarter of the year, we can expect to see a specific release date in the coming weeks.

[Featured Image by Răzvan Băltărețu/Flickr/Cropped and Resized/CC BY-SA 2.0]