‘Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ Reunion: Kim Richards Bunny Gesture Drives Tearful Lisa Rinna Offstage

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards drove a tearful Lisa Rinna offstage in last night’s reunion show with a gesture involving the gift Rinna gave her for her grandson earlier this season. It was an encounter that was difficult for both viewers and cast to watch. There was no lack of emotional moments. This is, after all, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. But probably the most difficult moment to watch was this one between Rinna and Kim Richards. It was about the bunny that Lisa gave to Kim as a gift to her grandson. Some felt Rinna got what she deserved last night. Many found it heartbreaking. Whichever side you fall on, it was rather confusing given some earlier conversations on the show. Here’s how the cringe-worthy scene went down.

On an episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this season, Lisa gave Richards a bunny as a gift to her soon-to-be-born grandson. The two had been in a bad place with their relationship (a long story involving something Lisa said at a game night), and Rinna’s husband (Harry Hamlin) had suggested that it would be a nice gesture on her part. Kim accepted the gift but clearly was not happy about it. Lisa acknowledged the wrongdoing that had led to the friction between them and apologized. As reported by Us Weekly at the time, both women seemed to want to put it behind them and move forward.

“Ultimately, Rinna said, ‘I did have a moment after game night.’ But she also added, ‘Don’t we all just want to move on?’ By this point, Kim was crying as she said, ‘It just has to end.’ Rinna asked if they could end it, adding, ‘Truly, from this moment on, every ounce of my being wants to move on.'”

In last night’s RHOBH reunion, Lisa Rinna stated that she and Kim had made amends. We saw footage of the two hugging, and Richards said that she had “big hopes” for their friendship. The whole tone changed when Andy Cohen read a question from a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills viewer who wanted to know what Kim had done with the bunny Lisa had given her. Richards responded, “Oh, well, Lisa. Hold on,” leaning forward and gesturing with her hands for emphasis. Everyone who was sitting by Rinna looked stunned and confused as Kim reached behind the sofa and pulled out the bunny, still wrapped like it was when it was given to her by Lisa.

“I brought the bunny because I didn’t give it to my grandson because it didn’t feel like it had good energy. So I think what I should do is give it to you, and when you are in a better place, give it back to me. Because right now I don’t feel like it was given to me with the right energy.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star walked to Rinna and gave it back to her as everyone watched, obviously very uncomfortable. Lisa nodded quietly while Kyle Richards chewed her nails. It was obvious Rinna was fighting back tears as she nodded and said, “OK,” to which Lisa responded, “You don’t have to cry over it.” Vanderpump interjected, addressing Rinna when she said that Richards still had hope for the future. To this, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star Eileen Davidson responded with, “What do you think returning the bunny at the reunion means? Send it back in the mail.” Neither Vanderpump nor Kyle or Kim Richards had a response.

Lisa Rinna is not innocent in this feud. As explained by E! Online, she did tell some lies about Kim Richards in an earlier episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. To make things worse, it took her a long time to admit that she made the false statements. The bunny seemed to be given in an effort to calm the waters between them.

After last night’s scene, Kim’s sister Kyle convinced her to go speak to Lisa who had gone backstage after breaking down. Richards took the bunny with her and asked Rinna if she could talk to her, to which Lisa responded with a simple “No.”

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