Casey Crowder, Kenneth Osburn: ‘See No Evil’–Did Trucker Murder Missing Arkansas Teen Found Dead In Woods?

See No Evil is on the case of Casey Crowder, the missing teenager who was found dead in the woods of Desha County, Arkansas over ten years ago. Police say her killer was a trucker named Kenneth Osburn. On See No Evil‘s episode titled “Breakdown at Daylight,” Dumas, Arkansas detectives will retrace facts in the case. Commentary provided by friends or relatives of the victim will also help tell the story. Casey Crowder vanished after she ran out of gas along a U.S. highway. Kenneth Osburn was sentenced to time in prison for her death.

Teen Who Ran Out Of Gas Found Dead In Arkansas Woods

Casey Crowder spent time with her boyfriend on the day she went missing in September of 2006. When she left that day, her boyfriend had no idea that it would be the last time that he’d ever see her alive. Authorities say that Casey Crowder didn’t have enough gas to get back home. They know that since she made a phone call to her mother as she was en route from Dumas back to her home. After that phone call, Casey Crowder vanished.

For several days, Casey Crowder’s relatives worried as they waited to hear news of her whereabouts. Her mother had a gut feeling that something terrible had happened to her daughter. Her worst fears came true after the dead girl’s body was found in the woods, a week after she first went missing.

Police had found the remains during a ground search. When they happened upon the body, Casey Crowder had a black zip-tie around her neck. She was dumped near a drainage canal close to Dumas. An autopsy confirmed that the mode of death was strangulation, court records show.

Law enforcement detectives theorized that the 17-year-old Watson Chapel High School teen had come into contact with someone who may have stopped to help but killed her, instead.

To find the killer, police reviewed surveillance video tapes at different businesses along U.S. 65. They came across a truck that looked similar to a truck belonging to Kenneth Ray Osburn. Witnesses told police that they had seen 46-year-old Kenneth Osburn in his truck with a young female. The female, they say, was slumped over inside of the truck. At the time, it was believed that it was a young female friend or perhaps his daughter, court testimony revealed.

When detectives pulled Kenneth Osburn in for questioning, he originally denied having anything to do with killing Casey. However, he later made some incriminating statements, according to authorities. According to his alleged confession, he picked Casey up, put the tie around her neck, and then watched her as she struggled to get the tie off as she was led into the woods, where she was eventually murdered.

Despite the confession, many believe that Kenneth Osburn was coerced to confessed after enduring an excrutiating interrogation without an attorney present, Seark Today reported.

“Again, Agents Newton and Boshears attempted to obtain a confession from Osburn and according to Agent Newton, used various tactics and investigative techniques in an attempt to change his demeanor. While the transcript and recording of the interview reveal at one point Osburn asked the agents to call his lawyer, the interview continued. Nonetheless, upon a subsequent request by Osburn for counsel, the interview was terminated.”

Citing a lack of DNA and the belief that the case is mostly circumstantial, Kenneth Osburn’s supporters think that he is innocent of this murder. Kenneth Ray Osburn received a life sentence in 2008, which was later overturned. In 2014, he received a 40-year-sentenced after pleading guilty to the kidnapping and murder. For the entire story, watch See No Evil tonight. It airs at 9/8 p.m. Central on Investigation Discovery. The sad case of Christie Wilson was shown on See No Evil last week.

[Featured Image by Arkansas Department of Corrections]