‘Teen Mom 2’ Kailyn Lowry Confirms Split From Baby Daddy, Tells Fans She Doesn’t ‘Need Anyone’

Kailyn Lowry appears to be single.

Although the Teen Mom 2 star is expecting her third child this summer, she recently shared a tweet which seems to hint that she isn’t seeing anyone currently, nor will she be seeing anyone anytime soon.

While chatting with a fan on Twitter who complained that she was having trouble agreeing with her boyfriend on a baby name, Kailyn Lowry told the woman, “Girl I don’t need anyone to agree with me and I still can’t decide.”

Kailyn Lowry recently confirmed on Twitter that she and her third baby’s daddy had split but she still hasn’t revealed who her new baby’s daddy actually is. That said, there have been several rumors and on April 18, The Hollywood Gossip named Chris Lopez as her potential mystery man.

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“The smart money says Chris Lopez got [Kailyn Lowry] pregnant, but that’s certainly not the only possibility,” the outlet explained.

As for the other possibilities, several names have been thrown into the mix, including Tyler Hill, who was seen sending text messages to the reality star as she FaceTimed her now-ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, during the first half of the seventh season of Teen Mom 2. As fans may recall, Javi Marroquin called Kailyn Lowry out on Twitter after seeing the scene air on television and proclaimed that Hill was the same man he had caught her texting the previous season.

News of Kailyn Lowry being single comes just weeks after a Radar Online report suggested the Teen Mom 2 star was attempting to get back together with her third baby’s daddy.

“He’s been there whenever [Kailyn Lowry] has needed him,” a source close to the reality star explained to Radar Online. “He is supportive of her so it’s been good… Co-parenting when the baby is born is the plan as of now. They’re working on things currently [to get back together].”

The insider claimed that while Kailyn Lowry’s third pregnancy has been “rough,” she’s doing her best to push through and is “really excited” to meet her new baby.

A short time after Kailyn Lowry confirmed her pregnancy on her blog, her rep told Radar Online that the child’s father is a man she “briefly dated.”

“We don’t know how involved the father will be,” the rep said. “[Kailyn Lowry] will release that information when she’s ready.”

As time went on, however, it appeared more and more evident that an identity reveal may not be made until after the child’s birth. As fans will recall, Kailyn Lowry recently appeared on a live Teen Mom 2 after show but refused to address her mystery man.

While Kailyn Lowry continues to stay silent about her baby’s father’s identity, she continues to spark rumors tying Chris Lopez to her pregnancy. Most recently, the reality star spoke of the possibility of naming her child Holden and appeared to suggest that Lopez had fathered her child.

“Chris would say, I’m Holden the baby!” she proclaimed.

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In her blog post to fans in late February, Kailyn Lowry admitted that her situation wasn’t ideal but confirmed that she and her two sons, seven-year-old Isaac and three-year-old Lincoln, were excited for baby number three.

“I know this isn’t an ideal situation but I know everything will be okay,” she wrote. “Having another child is something I am so happy about and I just can’t wait.”

Kailyn Lowry and her co-stars are expected to return to MTV for the eighth season of Teen Mom 2 later this year.

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