‘Days Of Our Lives Spoilers’ Watch Full Episode 148, April 18 Online With Recap: Can Chad Win Back Abby?

There’s a lot of trouble brewing in the romance department in this week’s episodes of Days of Our Lives. Please note this article includes a recap with spoilers, so read on only if you’re comfortable with knowing what’s ahead.

Salem has a new powerhouse couple since the departure of Sami and E.J., and viewers all know that it’s not a true Days of Our Lives powerhouse without a love triangle. In Season 52 Episode 148 of Days of Our Lives, fans saw that Chad and Abby are at a crossroads. Chad loves Abby, but she believes his true love is Gabi. Being noble, she feels the best thing to do is release him to be with Gabi so that her heart can mend and she can move on to find a true love of her own. Although she loves Chad, she wants to ensure that the man she ends up with loves her completely and totally.

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Days of Our Lives spoilers continue with the latest episode and the Gabi, Abby, and Chad love triangle. Chad is played by Billy Flynn, and Marci Miller plays Abigal “Abby” Deveraux DiMera. Chad and Abby have a tangled history, but nothing is complicating things worse for the couple than Chad’s history with Gabi Hernandez, played by Gabriela Ross. Abby and Chad’s future is in jeopardy, but Chad is a DiMera at heart. He won’t stop at winning Abby back.

Chad is one of the only DiMeras to have a sound moral compass, and though his heart is torn between Gabi and Abby, Abby is his wife and they share a son. He wants to save his family because it’s the right thing to do. When Gabi and Chad coincidentally ran into each other, he told her about Abby finding his yearbook and her doubts that he would have saved her first. Gabi didn’t let him continue and interrupted him by saying he needs to save his marriage. Will Chad win Abby back, or does Abigail truly belong with Dario and Chad with Gabi? What is it with those Hernandez siblings, anyway?


Days of Our Lives Recap, Spoilers: Abigail is Devastated

It seems that fate continues to push Abigail into Dario’s arms, and don’t forget it was Dario’s voice that caused her to wake up in her hospital bed after being poisoned. Abby is grieving the loss of her marriage and Dario is right there to comfort her. He is a supportive friend with a strong shoulder to lean on, and Abby is taking full advantage of it. Viewers know that Dario wants a relationship with Abby, but she is not ready to think about that yet. She has a broken heart that needs to mend, but with Chad vowing to win her back, is there any hope for Dario? Dario told Abigail that he will be a friend to her in her time of need.


Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Theo, Claire, Ciara, and Wyatt

There’s another awkward love triangle underway in Salem, and that is Theo, Ciara, and Claire. Fans knew that Ciara is in love with Theo, but it wasn’t until she brought a new man home that we got a look at Theo’s emotions toward Ciara. Claire and Theo are sexually active, and Ciara is moving on with Wyatt. What came as a shock to viewers was Theo’s reaction when meeting Wyatt. It was clear by Theo’s icy reaction that he was not thrilled about Ciara being with Wyatt. Claire knows Ciara still wants Theo and no one could have been more excited to see Wyatt than Claire. Theo did not share her enthusiasm in the least.

Jade overheard things and quickly pointed out the obvious to Claire: Theo has feelings for Ciara. Claire refused to accept this and was shocked to see that she was losing subscribers on her music channel. She was concerned that she wouldn’t become famous. Jade suggested that Claire takes the Kim K route to stardom: make a sex tape.


Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Scooter, Hilary, Nicole, Brady, and Lolita

Scooter knows Nicole and Brady’s true identities and was using the information to satisfy his sexual fantasies of Lolita. He sent Nicole lingerie, and on Monday’s Days of Our Lives episode, it appeared he wanted her to meet him at a hotel. Brady figured out what was happening and burst into the hotel room. He found Scooter in bed with his wife Hilary. After he apologized, he bumped into Nicole, who explained everything to Brady. She said that Scooter knew their true identities, and her first reaction was to shoot him and frame Hilary for the action. Instead, she talked Hilary into meeting Scooter and helped save their marriage. Scooter later apologized to Brady and Nicole and said their secret was safe with him. Brady reminded Scooter he was a Kiriakis and that he’d better keep his word.

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