‘One Piece’ Manga Chapter 863 Spoilers: Pudding Protects Vinsmoke Clan While Luffy’s Clones Attack Ministers?

Chapter 863 of immensely popular Japanese manga One Piece contains a lot of confusion, and whatever plans Yonko Big Mom and Capone had planned, appear to go up in smoke as Pudding’s emotions and Luffy’s unique “clone” attack goes bonkers.

[Warning: One Piece manga Chapter 862 spoilers and Chapter 863 speculations ahead]

Chapter 862 of manga One Piece could be considered as one of the most chaotic and confusing. Not only did none of the assassination plots that were carefully formulated by either side work, but new developments indicate there might be defection and even betrayal as some shift their loyalty owing to emotions.

The previous chapter finally revealed the mega wedding ceremony of Sanji Vinsmoke and Lady Pudding. The bride and groom arrived floating atop Big Mom’s thunder cloud, Zeus, and landed on a multistoried wedding cake that also served as the altar for the wedding vows, much to the delight of Charlotte Linlin.

One Piece mangaka Eiichiro Oda clearly indicated that Charlotte Linlin’s 35th daughter, Lady Pudding, was perfectly aware of her cold-hearted intentions, and planned to assassinate Sanji after he lifts her veil and goes for the wedding kiss. However, what she didn’t plan for was the extraordinarily compassionate Sanji Vinsmoke’s kindhearted nature and sweet words. It has been routinely indicated that Sanji managed to find inner beauty in almost everything. Interestingly, despite knowing the fact that the plot to assassinate the entire Vinsmoke clan originated from Pudding, her couldn’t help but let his heart wander, and routinely question the evil motives behind the sweet and innocent face of his bride-to-be.

Meanwhile, at the base of the wedding cake, Big Mom had carefully positioned ministers with specially designed percussions revolvers to kill the entire Vinsmoke clan that was seated at a single table. Shockingly, even after realizing what was happening around her, the sole daughter of Judge Vinsmoke, Reiju, remained silent, and did not alert her father. She had made it clear that the Vinsmoke were a bad clan and deserved to be wiped out. However, she insisted on ensuring Sanji, who is the only person with a kind heart within the family of genetically enhanced ruthless killers, survives.

While the preparations from both the parties appeared perfect, neither of them factored in Sanji’s reaction when Pudding lifted her veil and showed him the third eye. On the other hand, Pudding didn’t take into account Sanji’s reaction and its emotional effect on her. After Pudding bared her third eye, which had earned her nothing but ridicule and scorn throughout her life, Sanji merely admired the extra feature and called it beautiful. The simple act of kindness hit Pudding in all the right places, and she couldn’t raise the revolver to kill her groom. Instead, she collapsed at his feet, crying.

Realizing that Pudding had failed to assassinate Sanji, Big Mom signaled the officiating priest to murder the Vinsmoke, but Commander Dogtooth saw that Sanji managed to dodge the bullet fired at him. Surprisingly, he also saw the priest being killed by a single bullet. While it is not clear who fired the bullet, it originated from the seating area at the base of the wedding cake. It is quite likely that Capone’s son, Monster Gun, may have fired the bullet to protect Sanji. However, it is also likely that Reiju could have been the killer. Rumors also indicate that Pudding, who is overcome with emotion, feels herself drawn towards Sanji, and kills the priest who is trying to murder her husband.

In the earlier chapters, Luffy had shouldered the responsibility of tearing Mother Caramel’s photo to initiate the plot to kill Yonko Big Mom, and rescue the Vinsmoke clan. However, in Chapter 862, multiple clones of the Straw Hats captain can be seen emerging from the wedding cake that appears to burst. It is not clear what trickery Luffy uses to generate several copies of himself. However, it is quite likely that he is merely creating a distraction while the real Luffy sneaks past the commanders and ministers to reach the photo.

Mangaka Oda didn’t offer much clues through Commander Dogtooth, who has the ability to see into the future. Also known as Katakuri, the commander admitted that that he has no way of stopping what’s coming. However, he does see Brulee begging for Big Mom’s forgiveness.

Chapter 863 is filled with multiple uncertainties. Although Big Mom is clearly surprised, there is no indication how she will react to the frenzy of activity. Interestingly, the confusion does appear to favor Capone’s assassination plot. Hopefully manga One Piece’s mangaka Eiichiro Oda clears the air of confusion in the upcoming chapter of the popular Japanese series.

[Featured Image by Eiichiro Oda/One Piece Manga/Shueisha]