Sheree Whitfield Home: Is Sheree Supporting Kenya Moore Or Kim Zolciak In Feud?

Sheree Whitfield decided to invite all of her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars to her housewarming party that was featured on the season finale of the show. Sheree was excited to show off her home, which is the home she has been building for over five years. It has taken her quite some time to build the home as she ran into some financial issues along the way, and she was fired from The Real Housewives of Atlanta in the middle of production. However, now that the home is complete and people have seen it, Sheree is willing to talk about the fight that took over her housewarming party.

According to a new Bravo report, Sheree Whitfield was surprised to see Kenya Moore and Kim Zolciak duke it out at her party. She had invited both of them to her housewarming party, but Zolciak didn’t realize that she would be attacked by Moore. The two ladies got into a heated argument, where Kim accused Moore of wanting what she has — a husband and children — but Moore fired back, saying that Kim should worry about her finances now that Kroy Biermann is no longer playing in the NFL. So, how does Sheree Whitfield feel about them arguing at her party?

“Overall, I was extremely pleased at how the housewarming turned out. The entertainment was fabulous. The food was delicious and everyone looked beautiful! Throughout the years I’ve learned to just let go of the things that I cannot control. By doing that I was able to feel happy, positive, and enjoy my night!” Sheree Whitfield told Bravo about her housewarming party that ended with a huge yelling match between Kenya Moore and Kim Zolciak.

Even though Whitfield felt that her party was just perfect, she wasn’t really surprised that Moore started throwing digs at Kim Zolciak. The two filmed the show together for a short amount of time, but Kenya may read the tabloids. The tabloids have questioned whether Kim really does have the money to pay for her lavish lifestyle now that her husband isn’t playing football anymore. But Whitfield wasn’t surprised at Kenya’s dirty fighting.

“Nothing Miss Kenya does surprise me. I do feel that her actions were disrespectful and classless. Did I point out what I saw in her home that was unfinished? ABSOLUTELY, after she began shading me. However, I did not go into her home and go wander around freely throughout her residence. I respected the fact that I was in her home and only remained in the sections of the home that were open to guests,” Whitfield points out about her co-star, revealing that she isn’t surprised that Kenya is causing trouble with the ladies.

But Sheree is clearly entertained by what Kim is doing on the show. She enjoyed seeing her fight back against Kenya, who was clearly making low blows. And as Sheree Whitfield points out to Bravo, she and Kim have a history that she doesn’t have with Moore.

“Kim and I have history, so I know that Kim can handle herself. I had no problem sitting back and enjoying the exchange. Kenya definitely met her match with Kim. One thing about Kim I always loved is that she will definitely give it to you straight with no chaser. Kenya was clearly not prepared for what Kim served, but if you can dish it out, be prepared to take it,” Sheree Whitfield points out about the feud, where Kim Zolciak clearly defended herself and her marriage to Kroy Biermann.

What do you think of Sheree Whitfield’s comments about Kenya Moore and Kim Zolciak? Are you surprised that Sheree is clearly siding with Kim?

[Featured Image by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Universal]