Nick Young Speaks Of Bigger Purpose After Keonna Green Tells All About His Relationship With Iggy Azalea

On the Basketball Wives Season 6 premiere episode that aired on Monday night, viewers were introduced to new cast member Keonna Green. Keonna is the ex of Los Angeles Lakers player Nick Young, with whom she has two young children. During her first scene, Keonna spilled all to co-star Shaunie O’Neal about her relationship with Nick. Keonna also had plenty to say about Nick’s relationship with rapper Iggy Azalea. According to Keonna, she and Nick were high school sweethearts and she was blindsided by his relationship with, and subsequent engagement to, Iggy. Keonna claimed that during Nick’s relationship with Iggy, she and Nick were still seeing one another and having sexual relations, something that Iggy was well aware of. Keonna further criticized Nick for failing to defend her when it came out, shortly after Iggy ended the engagement, that she was pregnant with their second child.

The morning after that scene aired, Nick tweeted that God is using him for a bigger purpose. Perhaps that is his way of saying that he’s choosing to concentrate on more positive and bigger things than what has and may come out from Keonna’s run on VH1’s Basketball Wives?


Nick may have actually spent the day prior to the show’s premiere with Keonna. On Easter Sunday, Nick posted photos of himself spending time with their son and daughter. Nick wrote that he was happy.

Keonna also posted photos, taken at the same place and seemingly around the same time, of their children on Easter Sunday. While Nick and Keonna didn’t post photos of them together, the photos seem to show that they at least have an amicable relationship and are co-parenting the children.

On the Basketball Wives Season 6 premiere episode, Keonna Green met up with Shaunie O’Neal about five weeks after the birth of her and Nick Young’s daughter. Keonna said that she was about ready to get back in the dating game, noting that it has been about two years since she was last in a real relationship. About her relationship with Nick, Keonna claimed that Nick was chasing her even during his relationship with Iggy.

“It was still him saying, you know, whispering the sweet nothings and the text messages…so I just kind of fell in the trap, even after he was engaged. Like I said, it doesn’t make it okay but it was just something, the heart wants what the heart wants.”

During her confessional interview, Keonna said that she and Nick were high school sweethearts. She said that her relationship with Nick became complicated once he turned pro. She revealed that she found out that Nick was dating Izzy through the press and was blinded by how fast their relationship progressed.

“When Nick made it pro, that’s when all the complications began. There was women, then there was our son. Then there was more women. And then he got into this very publicized relationship that actually caught me by surprise. I saw him on TMZ, that he was on a date with Iggy Azalea.”

Keonna admitted that she gave in to Nick even after his relationship with Iggy began.

“Of course because I never had the proper time to heal from it, I gave in. The next thing you know we had our daughter and that was a big media blow up. And I’ve been tainted as this bad person ever since.”

During her scene with Shaunie, Keonna revealed that Nick didn’t even tell Iggy about the pregnancy.

“I’m not the side chick that everyone is saying. You now like she [Iggy] didn’t find out till after she broke up and moved out of the house [that I was pregnant]. I didn’t keep it a secret. I told him [Nick] it was his decision to tell her.”

Keonna further claimed that Iggy, while she didn’t know about the pregnancy, knew that Nick was cheating on her. Keonna said that she had text messages to prove that Iggy knew what was going on and that she would tell Iggy to come get Nick from her house and to tell him to return her garage door opener. Keonna said that Iggy allowed Nick’s cheating behavior.

“By her allowing that behavior, he just felt like it was still okay.”


The talk turned very emotional when Keonna confessed that what bothered her the most was the fact that Nick didn’t publicly defend her when news of her pregnancy broke. In her confessional interview, Keonna again maintained that she was never the “side chick.” Keonna cried as she asked for respect.

“Let’s be clear. I was never the side chick. I have two kids by this man and I know that may not justify a lot for people but there’s a reason why he came back the second time. All I’m asking for at this point is respect when it comes to Nick and I and [breaks down in tears] all I’m saying at this point is I deserve so much more respect than I have been given. I’m not the person that people have painted me out to be.”

On Instagram, Keonna Green thanked people who left supportive comments for her. Some people praised her for opening up and sharing her story and told her that she was strong. Others admitted that hearing Keonna’s story gave them hope for their own situations. Perhaps in a future Basketball Wives episode, viewers will see Nick Young give his side of the story in regard to what happened with Keonna and Iggy Azalea?

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