Porsha Williams To Spill The Tea About ‘RHOA’ Co-Stars On New Podcast?

Porsha Williams is no stranger to spilling the tea on her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars. Williams may talk about her co-stars as if she has nothing to worry about herself and that has caused some drama on the show. Porsha played a crucial role in listening to the gossip about Kandi Burruss on this past season and it sounds like Williams is ready to dish even more dirt about her co-stars. This week, she revealed that she’s launching her very own podcast and it’s a place where she can talk about her co-stars without them saying much about it.

According to a new Bravo report, Porsha Williams announced her podcast on her Instagram page and it will launch in just a few days. Williams hinted that she will dish the dirt on her podcast. Since she’s friends with Phaedra Parks, one can imagine that the two will be talking on the podcast together.

“Ya’ll I’m so excited to announce that I am launching a podcast this April called– Porsha4Real It will debut on ITunes, SoundCloud and Spotify the week of April 24th!!! Stay tuned. #whosaidthat? #CantStopWontStop,” Porsha Williams wrote during her podcast reveal.

Porsha Williams didn’t give any details about her podcast, but one can imagine that it will be related to gossip and her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars. She isn’t the only Real Housewives star who has created her own podcast, as Heather Dubrow is currently doing her own. Former Bravo star Brandi Glanville also has her own podcast show. One can imagine she will tackle some juicy content, but she may be limited as to what she can say about Kandi Burruss.

On this past season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Porsha Williams was rumored to be linked to Kandi Burruss when it came to female experiences in the bedroom. While she hasn’t exactly denied the story, she hasn’t been too open about what went down one night in Atlanta either. And even though Burruss may have something on her, it sounds like Porsha is willing to dish something on her co-star. She didn’t hold back recently in her Bravo blog for The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

“I was shocked and appalled. My intentions were not to make matters worse but to let her know that the statements the ‘Bone Collecter’ made were shade and were misinterpreted and embellished when reported to the other ladies. Interestingly enough, while the ‘Bone Collector’ was spilling all her tea, she forgot to mention that she spoke of the closet first,” Porsha Williams previously wrote for her Bravo blog.

“I have no idea why Kandi made such a big deal out of something so small! She knows she has been plagued with these accusations and much worse for years. My intentions in meeting her were to simply make sure she understood that in no way did I spill the beans on her. But once I got there, she was angry and confrontational and forced my hand! Kandi called me an aggressive lesbian first, then got mad when her true tea was served at lunch!” Porsha Williams continues in her Real Housewives of Atlanta blog, sharing that she doesn’t understand why Kandi was so upset with her.

Of course, Kandi is upset because her co-stars started talking about how she tried to drug Porsha Williams and bring her home to her house to have sex with her. As fans will see during the reunion special, this is essentially accusing her of rape.

What do you think of Porsha Williams launching her own podcast? Do you think this podcast could get her into trouble?

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