A Tale Of Two Girlfriends: Man In Hospital Has Side Chick In White And Main Girlfriend In Black Argue Over Him

The Internet has got plenty of jokes about the below video. Published to the Twitter page of ✭ Ms. Alyce ✭ @GloUpElite, within five hours of being published on Tuesday, April 18, at 9:48 a.m., the video has amassed 7,200 likes and 6,700 retweets. Nearly 12 hours later, the video had received more than 46,000 likes on Twitter and more than 33,500 retweets. In a scene reminiscent of Big Little Lies, when a car accident brought a married man to hospital, along with his wife and married girlfriend, the below video seemingly involves an unmarried man and his two girlfriends.

The description of the viral video states that a man got into a wreck, presumably a car accident, only to meet another wreck at the hospital when his girlfriend and his side chick showed up in his hospital room. As the video begins, the two women are already arguing. The Interwebs notes that the man’s main girlfriend is sitting next to him on his hospital bed in black, while the side chick is wearing white, as another woman tries to pull her away. Meanwhile, the nurse notes that the hospital is a public hospital, as it sounds like the side chick in white states that she called and asked for permission to come see her boyfriend. The comments beneath the Twitter video feature a whole lot of speculation about why the side chick is wearing white and the main girlfriend is wearing black.

“I called and asked to come up here.”


Despite calling and asking for permission to come to the hospital, the side chick seems to get an earful from the girlfriend in black sitting next to the hapless and shirtless man on the hospital bed. The girlfriend in black relates to the side chick in white that she doesn’t care if the side chick called and asked to come to the hospital, and that the man was with her last night.

The woman in black appears to ask the woman in white if she called the “hotel” instead of the hospital as the woman in black is being dragged away.

Kyla appears to be the name of the woman in white because her name is spoken repeatedly by the woman who appears to attempt to calm the situation.

man side chick
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The video is only 29 seconds long, but it has made a big splash across social media from people wanting to know how the story ended.

As the women argue over their shared man, the shirtless man tells the women to calm down.

“Hey man, y’all need to chill.”

The nurse states that security will need to be called as the woman in white and the woman in black seem to get more heated. That’s when the man instructs the side chick in white to simply leave the hospital room.


As reported by VLAD TV in an article titled “Side Chick Causes Problems After Showing Up to the Hospital,” the melee shown in the video is capturing the interest of people online. With more than 11,000 views of the video on the publication’s Instagram account, the video is receiving comments like the following.

“Dude about keeled over when his side chick showed up to the hospital.”

“Control yo h**s.”

“He gonna still be f****** both when he finally heal so…..”

“His man filmed it.”

“That boy got two cute ones…”

“She Trill. ‘He was w me last night.'”

“Why they arguing over this dusty n****?”

“Homie got both woman looking goofy.”

“Woulda been screaming out, ‘Security! Security!'”

“Why tf h**s don’t stop being ratchet for nothing? Them b*****s would turn up at a funeral tf wrong wit you.”

“No standards smh.”

“They too young for that s***.”

“Ordinary hood s***.”

“The nurse looks so scared.”

“That n**** almost had another heart attack – she petty for that.”

“Cheating catches up to you when you lease expect it to.”

“They can’t give out too many passes at the same time. Bugging out.”

“That fool shoulda went into a coma lol.”

“The moment when dying is the best option.”

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