Carmelo And La La Anthony Split: Did He Get Another Woman Pregnant?

Carmelo Anthony and La La Anthony have split. The NBA star and his wife have decided to separate after seven years of marriage and over a decade together. The pair, who reportedly have no current plans to divorce, have been dodging separation rumors for months.

According to People Magazine, Carmelo Anthony and La La Anthony are currently living apart following a difficult NBA season for Carmelo with the New York Knicks. Sources reveal that the split is amicable as the two share one child together, son Kiyan, 10.

Carmelo and La La Anthony got married in 2010, six years after they first got engaged on Christmas Day in 2004. However, as of late, there have been rumblings that the couple have been on the rocks.

Carmelo Anthony and La La Anthony split: DId he get another woman pregnant?
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In Touch Weekly magazine reports rumors are flying that Carmelo Anthony may have cheated on his wife and may have even gotten his mistress pregnant. Sources are allegedly revealing that Carmelo has gotten a dancer who works at a gentleman’s club pregnant, which could be the reason for his shocking split. The woman is reportedly claiming to be almost seven months pregnant with the NBA superstar’s child and is requesting that Carmelo pay for her medical expenses and other costs. While the rumors of a Carmelo love child have yet to be confirmed, if it is revealed that the NBA player did father the unidentified woman’s child, a divorce could be in the works for he and his wife.

However, other sources claim that Carmelo Anthony and La La Anthony haven’t been happy for quite awhile. Insiders say they’ve been fighting for the last year and that their marriage has been on the rocks during that time.

“They have been fighting for about a year. The marriage has always been a rocky one, so this is no surprise.”

Another strain in Carmelo and La La Anthony’s relationship has been his career. Carmelo’s future with the New York Knicks seems to be bleak, and just last week, coach Phil Jackson revealed that it was likely time for him to go. This means Anthony will probably be traded to another team, and he’ll be forced to leave New York.

“He is a player that would be better off somewhere else and using his talents somewhere where he can win or chase that championship,” Phil Jackson said in a press conference. “I just said, ‘We haven’t won here. You don’t want to end your career not winning’… we talked around that, but he likes it here in New York.”

Carmelo Anthony and La La Anthony split: DId he get another woman pregnant?
[Image by Gary Gershoff/Getty Images]

According to ESPN, Carmelo Anthony scored 17 points in the New York Knicks’ final game of the season against the Philadelphia 76ers. The Knicks won the game but may have just lost Anthony. While Carmelo says he’s not sure if the game marked his last in a Knicks uniform, he did reveal that he’s committed to winning, and if the team is as well, he would stay.

“If everybody’s committed to [winning], I’m committed to that too,” Anthony said. “I want to win, and hopefully everybody else has that same type of mindset. To be honest with you, I don’t know. I’ll know more in the upcoming weeks or so. I’m pretty sure the organization has an idea, a thought of what they want to do, how they want to do it. But at this point, it’s all on me.”

While Carmelo Anthony may not know what the future holds for him in his marriage or his career, New York Knicks fans have made it clear they want Carmelo to stay in NYC. During the fourth quarter of the team’s final game, the crowd began to chant, “We want Melo.” Anthony admitted later that hearing the crowd rally behind him “felt good,” after being booed at times this season.

“It’s been a while to sit there and hear that,” he said.

What are your thoughts on Carmelo Anthony and La La Anthony’s split and the rumors surrounding the NBA star?

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