MLB Trade Rumors: Toronto Blue Jays Star Players On The Trading Block? Giants Open To Johnny Cueto Trade Deal?

It may be only April, but that isn’t stopping the MLB trade rumors from starting to heat up. While no teams like to think their season is in jeopardy before the 40 game mark, for the Toronto Blue Jays, the next two series they play are pretty darn big for the early season.

CBS Sports indicates that the Blue Jays, who could be on the verge of a fire sale if things don’t change quickly, start a huge three-game series at home against division rival Boston Red Sox Tuesday night. This series could begin to sway how the Toronto Blue Jays’ brass think about moving on for the next month or so – and if they will start listening to trade offers for some of their key players like Josh Donaldson and Troy Tulowitzki.

If the manage a sweep of Boston, the Toronto Blue Jays’ fans may start to believe that all is not lost this year. However, if the Blue Jays get swept, they would be 2-13 and possibly 10 games out of first place already. Once again, way too early to hit the panic button, but not too early to start pursuing possible options.

Buster Olney of ESPN believes that the Blue Jays “could focus on a rebuild” if their play doesn’t dramatically improve, and anyone and everyone could be on the trading block if such a thing happens.

That being said, Donaldson and Tulowitzki along with José Bautista may be the most attractive players to teams in need of some pop in their lineup. Even though Bautista is struggling, he is currently under just a one-year contract for 2017 with Toronto, which could make him easier to deal.

Troy Tulowitzki hits a double.
Is Troy Tulowitzki on the trading block? [Image by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images]

Troy Tulowitzki still has three years and $54 million left on his current deal with the Blue Jays. He is 32, but a “young” 32 for sure, as he is still very productive on offense and defense.

It is going to be interesting to see which way the Toronto Blue Jays go if they can’t string together some wins soon.

In other MLB trade rumors, could the San Francisco Giants be dealing pitcher Johnny Cueto?

Fansided indicated that trading Johnny Cueto isn’t something many Giants fans were even thinking about, that is until he made a few comments over the weekend that seemed a bit bizarre for someone that plans to continue pitching for the team.

Cueto was just in general talks with reporters as the San Francisco Giants prepare for a two-game series with the Kansas City Royals starting this Tuesday. Johnny Cueto, whose only time in the American League was spent with the Royals, was asked by reporters about his interest in batting and running the bases, something pitchers can’t do in the American League because they are replaced by the designated hitter on the offense side of the ball.

“I sometimes feel the American League is stronger than the National League. It doesn’t matter where I play. It’s baseball. But I would like to finish my career in the American League. It’s just a personal preference because I played so much in the National League,” Cueto added.

Could these comments make the San Francisco Giants think about possibly dealing Ceuto anytime soon, especially if they aren’t in playoff contention in August? That may not be an easy thing to do considering Cueto’s current contract.

San Francisco's Johnny Cueto pitches against the Colorado Rockies.
Does Johnny Cueto want to head back to the American League? [Image by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images]

Cueto is currently in his second year of his six-year $130 million deal. With a contract that still has that much money to payout, it may not be easy to deal Cueto in the near future. Truthfully, the Giants most likely have no interest in trading one of their best pitchers over the last two seasons (Cueto has a 21-5 overall record with San Francisco, 3-0 in 2017) however, his comments may have raised an eyebrow or two in the front office.

His stock has never been higher and after all, baseball is a business, but a Johnny Cueto trade appears to be more smoke than fire at this time.

[Featured Image by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images]