‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Hot Julexis Promo Shows Cops Bust Up Sexy Reunion Between Julian And Alexis

General Hospital spoilers from a new video promo show Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) left the docks with Julian Jerome (William deVry) and heads with him to his seedy waterfront motel room and then the clothes come off. Whatever anger Alexis has is overridden by her lust for her husband, and things get hot for Julexis, but an unwelcome interruption throws everything into chaos as shown in a new ABC promo video (see below).

Sam Chases Julexis

General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central say Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) follows a clue. Sam finds her mom’s scarf on the docks and thinks Alexis could be in trouble. The only thing Alexis is in danger of is exhausting herself physically from rolling in the hay with her sexy ex-husband who’s also a fugitive from the law. The PCPD is looking for Julian all over town.

In the steamy promo, Julian says to Alexis, “Just give me tonight” and it seems like he’s still planning on making a run out of Port Charles. On Monday’s GH, Sam and Jason Morgan (Billy Miller) identified the guy Julian was talking to as someone who procures false papers and arranges to smuggle people out of town so they know Julian is planning to flee but General Hospital spoilers say he won’t make it.


Alexis Wants Julian

Julian and Alexis waste no time getting undressed. No matter what else is going on with them, General Hospital history has always shown viewers those two have undeniable sexual chemistry. And it’s not just one-sided. The new ABC promo shows Alexis yanking Julian’s shirt off. She wants him and you can see it. General Hospital spoilers tease Alexis has been waiting for this since she found out he was alive.

General Hospital spoilers say after Julian makes love to Alexis, she cries and tells him, “My feelings for you are so powerful.” It seems that there might be forgiveness for Julian in Alexis’ heart after all. It’s too bad Sam can’t forgive Julian despite what he’s done for her. Sam knows her mom still has feelings for Julian, so it’s clear she’s not scared Alexis is in physical danger, but Sam wants to shut down Julian.

Sam Calls The Cops On Her Mom And Julian

From General Hospital history, we know Julian is the only reason Danny Morgan is alive. He blew up his secret identity as Derek Wells to save his grandson knowing it was a risk to him – but Julian still did it. Sam has made plenty of mistakes and has done bad things like sleeping with her mom’s husband Ric Lansing (Rick Hearst). So, why can’t Sam show a little forgiveness to her dad?

Sam knows Julian wasn’t willingly involved with Liv Jerome (Tonja Walker). Julian left the letter explaining he did what he had to do to keep his wife and kids safe yet Sam is blindly rushing to screw him over. Jason is right there beside her and pursuing the lead to find Julian and lock him up before he can leave town. It seems like Sam is being pretty harsh and Alexis might not forgive her.


PCPD Interrupts Steamy Julexis Reunion

General Hospital spoilers promise that Jason is front and center when the Port Charles cops bust in on Julian and Alexis but Jason might not want to see that much of his mother-in-law. Julian planned to leave town but might have been having second thoughts after Alexis confirmed her love for him is still there, but then his choices are taken away when the cops kick in the door.

Recent General Hospital spoilers from Soap Opera Digest show Julian in handcuffs at the PCPD, so he doesn’t get the chance to escape. Other GH spoilers tease Alexis will fight to help Julian avoid becoming the scapegoat for Liv’s crimes even though Sam is being so spiteful. Julian was trying to protect all of them the only way he knew how from his maniac sister.

GH fans will have to wait and see if Julian stays behind bars or if Alexis can find a way to save him and give Julexis a new shot at happily ever after. More to come from these and other General Hospital spoilers.


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