Skyview High School Mass Shooting Warning Scrawled On Bathroom Wall In Nampa, Idaho

A chilling school shooting warning was written in red ink on a Skyview High School bathroom wall in Nampa, Idaho. The note was discovered last Thursday, and the mass shooting was threatened to take place today.

“School will be shot up at 4-18-17 at 10:24 a.m. There will be a gang of 17 students doing this. They will target all the teachers and administrators first, then they will kill the students one by one,” the Skyview High School shooting warning message read. “All h**l will break lose. If you want to survive… Stay home!”

Skyview High School opened in 1996 and is the second public high school in Nampa, according to the district website.

Nampa, Idaho, police officers are investigating the school shooting warning. The message named at least one student who is allegedly involved in the school shooting threat, KTVB reports. Skyview High School Principal Will Barber told local reporters the district is working closely with police investigators to ensure the safety of students and staff. Last Friday, a letter was sent home to parents alerting them to the school shooting threat.

“The well-being and safety of the school, our students, and staff is the priority of the Nampa School District and the Nampa Police Department,” Skyview High School representative Kathleen Tuck said. “We appreciate those who have called to make sure we know about the situation and encourage you to always keep us in the loop if you see or hear anything that concerns you.”

Sergeant Jason Cantrell, a law enforcement resource officer at Skyview High School, said additional police protection has been ordered for the Nampa school today. Cantrell also stated the mass shooting threat is being taken seriously by police officials, KBOI2 News reports.

Law enforcement investigators are still reviewing surveillance camera recordings and other evidence related to the case to help them discover who left the school shooting warning on the bathroom wall.

According to Tuck, news of the school shooting plot quickly circulated on social media and caused alarm for parents of high school students. The school representative also said the safety of students is the “number one priority” for district officials. She added students would never be placed in an “unsafe” position. It is unclear how many students were kept home from classes today by worried parents.

The term “school shooting” was coined only after the carnage at Columbine High School captured national attention. However, the first known school shooting in the United States (other than a fatal shooting inside a schoolhouse at the hands of Native Americans during the 1700s) happened in 1887 in Cleveland, Ohio. Will Guess walked into a schoolhouse in Tennessee and fatally shot teacher Irene Fann because she had whipped his younger sister the day before.

In 1891, James Foster, 70, fired his shotgun at a group of children at the St. Mary’s Parochial School playground in Newburgh, New York, K12Academics notes. Multiple students sustained minor injuries during the shooting.

In 1902, Fletcher Barnett, a Camargo, Illinois, school teacher, killed one of his peers, Eva Wiseman, inside her classroom. Barnett shot at a student who came to the aide of Wiseman. After a failed suicide attempt, Fletcher stayed inside the school until an angry group of farmers arrived and tried to lynch him. While fleeing the building Fletcher managed to grab a shotgun away from one of the farmers, shot himself, then continued running until he jumped into a well, where he ultimately drowned. The deadly school shooting may have been prompted by Wiseman spurning Barnett’s marriage proposal.

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