Kourtney Kardashian Celebrates 38th Birthday, Sister Khloe Posts Video Of Her On The Toilet

Kourtney Kardashian’s birthday is today, and as the celebutante turns 38, her mom and sisters have joined in the fun on social media. Her sister Khloe even marked the occasion by sharing an embarrassing video of her using the toilet.

Mom Kris Jenner Weighs In

Kourtney’s mom and manager Kris took the high road, taking to Instagram to show off a tasteful photo montage of her oldest daughter through the years, starting with when she was a little girl and up until her adult years.

Happy birthday beautiful @kourtneykardash!!! From the day you were born you have blessed me with so much joy! You bring happiness love and light and are such an inspiration to me, and everyone around you. You are such an incredible mother, sister, friend, and daughter and I love you more than words can ever say…. you are beautiful inside and out my sweet girl, have an amazing day, mommy xoxo #love #family #grateful #happybirthdaykourtney

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Back on April 18, 1979, Kris was married to famed L.A. attorney Rob Kardashian. Kris & Rob would go on to give Kourtney two more sisters, Kim and Khloe (in that order) and a brother, Rob Jr. However, when Kourtney was 12, the couple divorced. Kris remarried a short time later, tying the knot with famed Olympian Bruce Jenner, who has since transitioned to female and now identifies as Caitlyn. When Kris married Bruce, she and her sisters gained three stepbrothers (Burt, Brandon, and Brody), then a stepsister (Casey). Then Kris & Bruce went and produced two children of their own, giving the entire brood two half-sisters on each side (Kendall and Kylie).

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve noticed a weird naming convention in both families: Kris & Rob stuck with K + K names, while Bruce and his first two wives went with the B + B convention (excluding Casey, for some reason). As to why they did that is anyone’s guess.

Kim’s and Kendall’s Tributes

Kourtney’s younger sister and half-sister also joined in on the birthday wishes. On her website and app, Kim Kardashian tastefully wished her sister a happy birthday, showing pictures of the two as little girls and even tossing in a home movie.

“Happy Birthday to the best older sister. I’m so blessed to have you in my life. I love how close we were growing up — and still are today. I don’t know what I would do without you! Love you!”

Sister Kendall was also all sweetness in wishing her older half-sister a great day, posting photos of the two on her website and offering a simple message:

“I hope you have the best birthday, Kourtney!!! You do so much for everyone else, so I hope you take the day to treat yourself. I love you!”

Khloe Embarrasses Her Sister

If you’ve ever had a sibling take a compromising photo or video of you and then show it on the internet, well, welcome to Kourtney Kardashian’s world. While her other sisters and her mom were classy in wishing the birthday girl the best (although those pictures of her as a little girl could be a little embarrassing), sister Khloe went for the humor angle.

On her Instagram feed, Khloe posted a video montage of the two. Unfortunately, one shot included a few frames of Kourtney on the toilet.

Happy birthday to the Milly to my Vanilli @kourtneykardash

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Kourtney appeared to be laughing when the video was shot, but still.

For what it’s worth, Kourtney herself doesn’t seem too fazed by all the pictures of her as a little girl that got posted today; she herself posted a shot of herself, on Instagram, showing herself and one of her siblings (it’s not clear which) as little kids.


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Happy birthday, Kourtney!

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