‘Bates Motel’ Spoilers: Is This The End For Dylan And Emma?

Bates Motel‘s penultimate episode seemed to spell trouble for everyone involved, including the fan favorite characters of Dylan and Emma. As many viewers know, Dylan and Emma have been mostly innocent in the situation that has lead to Norman’s arrest and his current death toll. However, the couple may not survive next week’s series finale after the events of this week’s episode.

According to TV Line, Bates Motel fans watched as Dylan was forced to tell his wife Emma that her mother’s body had been found, and that his brother Norman was likely the person who murdered her. Emma, who was never particularly close with her mother, seemed to snap. Although she stayed in White Pine Bay to arrange her mother’s cremation, Emma wanted nothing more to do with the town, or with her former best friend, Norman Bates. Things got so bad that Emma told Dylan she didn’t know if their relationship could survive such a terrible tragedy.

As Dylan continued to be torn between his love for his wife and his familial obligation to his brother Norman, things only got worse. The couple ended up saying goodbye in an awkward moment when Emma left to go home to be with their daughter where she said things were “normal.” Dylan stayed behind to support Norman as he was gearing up to go to trial for murder.


It doesn’t look like things will get any better for Dylan in next week’s Bates Motel series finale. The show’s executive producer, Carlton Cuuse reveals that Dylan will continue to be “torn between his wife and his sense of obligation to help fix the Norman problem.”

“The question is can their relationship survive the seismic stress that is the discovery that Norman is this serial killer and responsible for all of these deaths, including Emma’s mother.”

Of course, Emma couldn’t leave town without coming face to face with Norman one last time. Emma walked into the police station ready to unload on the man who had killed her mother, but instead saw Norman for who is really is, a mentally ill person she used to love.

“Emma walked in there so angry and strident, and then you see her absorbing the human pain that is in front of her,” Bates Motel producer Kerry Ehrin revealed. “She sees the body of this kid that she loved and was her dear friend, and knows that somewhere, buried inside, he is still there. It’s just a beautiful performance by Olivia [Cooke].”

However, Norman’s trial may not happen after all. At the end of the episode, Bates Motel fans watched Alex finally put his final plan into motion. The former sheriff broke into the police station and was able to take Norman prisoner at gunpoint. While Alex seemingly wanted to kill Norman then and there, he decided to leave with his step-son and demanded that Norman take him to the place where he was keeping his mother Norma’s body.

While many Bates Motel fans believe that Norman may actually die in next week’s series finale, they are hoping that Dylan and Emma will both survive and are able to keep their relationship alive. Sadly, it seems that death is in the cards for at least one of the main players, and the character of Alex Romero seems to be another likely suspect to be killed off as the A&E series takes it’s final curtain call next week.

The Bates Motel series finale will air Monday night at 10 p.m. on A&E.

What did you think of Bates Motel‘s penultimate episode? Do you believe that Dylan and Emma will survive the madness that Norman has brought into their lives?

[Featured Image by Cate Cameron/A&E]