Fans Accuse Kelly Clarkson of Child Abuse In Ridiculous Mommy-Shaming Fiasco

Moms all over the world face their fair share of criticism for relatively ridiculous reasons, but singer Kelly Clarkson was recently accused of child abuse for one of the most bizarre turn of events. The American Idol alum was said to be abusing her toddler, River, by giving her toast topped with the popular spread, Nutella.

Several self-righteous commenters took to telling Kelly Clarkson off for having the gall to feed her 2-year-old a snack that is “hella bad for you” and “packed with sugar.”

One went even so far as to say that Kelly Clarkson was abusing her own child by doing so.

“Giving food like this to a child is child abuse,” they said.

Others came to Kelly Clarkson’s defense over the adorable photo of River Rose trying the sweet snack for the first time.

“This whole thing on here got so out of hand. It’s suppose to be a cute video of river enjoying her first experience with Nutella, which by the way doesn’t show what their everyday diet is. It’s suppose to be a video of a mother seeing her child happy. It shouldn’t be such a big deal when a mother gives their kids some sugar. What about every kids first birthday? I’m sure most parents have given their child cake or ice or both. I’ve ate Nutella almost daily until I moved. This isn’t child abuse, and people out there saying it is shame on you. Sugar every once in awhile won’t kill anyone or make them unhealthy or give them cancer. There’s things out there we can’t get rid of that causes cancer like the sun. All those haters out there honestly shouldn’t be so worried about a little girl eating Nutella when there’s so much violence out there in this world and there’s so many more bigger problems going on in this world besides a little girl enjoying her first experience of Nutella,” one fan wrote.

She went on to defend Kelly Clarkson stating that she felt the video of the pair was cute and sweet and showed off the mother/daughter bond between the two.

Kelly Clarkson didn’t seem to sweat the criticism, though. Instead, she sat back and let her fans hash it out in the comments section. Just a week or so later, Kelly posted a photo celebrating her son’s first birthday, including giving him some cake that surely fans wouldn’t approve of.

The controversial video has been viewed over 3.6 million times, but Kelly Clarkson hasn’t yielded to the haters and taken it down. Instead, it stands up defiantly in the face of their harsh words. Clearly, the crooner isn’t too worried about what people think of her, and likely agrees with the poster that stated that there are worse things going on in the world than kids eating Nutella on toast.

Kelly Clarkson seems to have settled into life as a mom quite nicely. This past weekend, she shared a photo of herself holding and kissing her two children while celebrating Easter weekend with her family.

In addition to showing off her precious young family, Kelly Clarkson has also been promoting music for the new motion picture, The Shack, for which her music is included.

Although not as active on Instagram as many celebrities are, Kelly Clarkson’s page reveals a woman who enjoys the simple comforts in life, including family, friends and spending time curled up reading her favorite book. Just after Christmas, Clarkson showed off a copy of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child gushing over how much she enjoyed J.K. Rowling’s latest offering in the iconic series.

[Featured Image by Cindy Ord/Stringer/Getty Images]