‘Mountain Monsters’ Recap: The Mysterious Rogue Team Reveals The Deal They Want To Make With The AIMS Team

The elusive Rogue Team has been a thorn in the side of the AIMS (Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings) team for quite some time now, and it looks as though that won’t change anytime soon. After meeting up with members of the Rogue team, AIMS members Buck, Jeff, and Huckleberry find themselves with their hands tied and hoods over their heads as they’re taken to a remote location. Fortunately for them, Wild Bill and Willy are following close behind, and the Rogue Team is unaware that they’re being followed.

Once they arrive at their destination, they found themselves facing a two-way mirror where the reflection of a man in a skeleton mask appears. His disguised and disembodied voice explains exactly what he wants from the AIMS team, and it doesn’t make them happy. According to TV Ruckus, the man behind the mask tells them that he wants them to return to The Dark Forest and capture the Woman of the Woods. In exchange, the Rogue team will reveal who killed the Stonish Giant and where the Mountain Monsters group can find the body.

One interesting thing he said to Buck, Jeff, and Huckleberry was that he hadn’t lied to them and that he never would. Buck disagreed, but that interesting statement makes it seem as though the Rogue team leader may be someone that the team knows. This could be one reason why the Rogue team and their leader keep their identities hidden. Perhaps all will be revealed before the end of the new season of Mountain Monsters.


When the discussion is over and the Rogue team leader leaves them with a cryptic message that everything they need is right in front of them, the glass darkens and what happens next on this episode of Mountain Monsters is definitely bizarre. The men quickly free themselves since their hands are still tied, and Buck throws his chair through the glass of the two-way mirror. At this time, Wild Bill and Willy show up, and to everyone’s shock and surprise, they discover the severed head of a hog sitting on a pole in the next room. There is obviously something in the mouth, but in their excitement the Mountain Monsters team completely miss the vital clue.

Next, the Mountain Monsters team decide it’s time to find Trapper and fill him in on what’s happened. They’re in for another shock when they arrive at Tapper’s home and find Trapper gone and the home ransacked. Willy thinks to look in Trapper’s safe where he discovers Trapper’s cell phone along with a note. He left them a video explaining that the Rogue team reached out to him as well, and he decided that he had to go off on his own, which was a surprising move since he became very angry when Buck did the same thing.

The Mountain Monsters team begins searching for Trapper, and later that night they finally find his truck. There is blood everywhere, and they decide it’s time to call the police. The group come across a shed and find Trapper inside on the floor. He tells them that he fell when getting out of his truck and opened up a surgical wound on his leg. He went on to explain to his Mountain Monsters team that he crawled most of the way to the shed, and after they had helped him get up, he showed the rest of the Mountain Monsters group a slip of paper that held half of the coordinates they would need in order to find The Lady of the Woods.

Before they head back, Trapper gives a moving speech to the men on how he can no longer join them on hunts in the woods because his body just won’t take the strain anymore. They reassure him that it will be all right and if anything, he can definitely continue to handle the logistical part of their hunts. He’s the one who put together the impressive files and data on each of the creatures they’ve hunted over the seasons on Mountain Monsters, and even though he may not participate in the hunts anymore, he still has an important role to play as the leader of the AIMS team.

The next day the Mountain Monsters team regroups, and Trapper believes that the other half of the coordinates they need may be in the cabin where Buck and the other Mountain Monsters men were held. Following more clues, they finally discover a bullet in the hog’s mouth, and inside is the other half of the coordinates. With coordinates in hand, the Mountain Monsters crew must now decide if they will give the Rogue Team what they want, and if the information they receive in return is worth the danger they know they’ll be walking back into.


Jeff was, and still is, deeply affected by The Lady in the Woods, and this hunt could turn deadly for him. When they were in the shed with Trapper, there were photos covering the walls and he turned back to retrieve one. Broadway World hints that a whole new mission now faces the Mountain Monsters team in a place they’ve been before. The Mountain Monsters team came away from that experience in the Dark Forest with more than a few battle scars, and now they may be returning to a fearful place that now holds even more questions, mysteries, and monsters. The photo Jeff took most likely has something to do with another mysterious creature known as the Black Wolf that they may have to face during the next episode of Mountain Monsters titled “Enter the Dark Forest.”

A preview of Season 5 that aired after the latest episode of Mountain Monsters promises plenty more danger and drama, and the team will need to stay sharp. If the Rogue team didn’t kill the Stonish Giant, then there may be another, more nefarious group out there that could be a danger to the AIMS team as well. For more information on Buck, Huckleberry, and the others, fans can check out a recent post on the Mountain Monsters Facebook page for a look at how each team member got their nickname, and what role they play on the Mountain Monsters team.

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