‘Famous In Love’ Creator I. Marlene King Shares Why ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Fans Will Love Bella Thorne

While Pretty Little Liars may be coming to end after just 10 more episodes, the show’s creator, I. Marlene King, isn’t without a new plan or a new series. Again adapting literature for television, King is set to premiere Famous in Love, and as she teases the series and explains what this new drama is all about, she also shares why fans of Pretty Little Liars should add it to their viewing queue. Famous in Love lead Bella Thorne also talks about the new series, which she adds will give viewers a raw look at young Hollywood society.

I. Marlene King Hopes Pretty Little Liars Fans Will Give Famous in Love A Chance

For King, creating new worlds based on popular young adult fiction comes second nature, and as Yahoo TV shares, her inspiration for creating Famous in Love comes both from one of those beloved books and from her own ideas about a world she’s eager to explore in a serial format.

Famous in Love stars Bella Thorne as Paige Townsend, a college student thrust into the limelight when she’s cast in a Hollywood blockbuster.

Ms. King says she was interested in recreating Entourage from a female perspective, adding that seeing her Pretty Little Liars actresses rise to fame on the Freeform show further inspired her to develop Famous in Love. It wasn’t just watching the real-world successes of Shay Mitchell, Ashley Benson, Troian Bellisario, and Lucy Hale that encouraged Marlene to develop the new show. She was searching for an interesting new concept to develop for television, and she envisioned Famous in Love appealing to her Pretty Little Liars followers.

“The themes are very similar. It’s friendship, betrayal, relationships, love, loss.”

As Paige, Bella Thorne comes to Hollywood alone and finds herself facing one of the country’s most perilous urban jungles, all while trying to reconcile her own personality with her newly achieved fame. The Famous in Love creator points out that Hollywood can be a scary place for new people, especially in attempting to find trustworthy friends and reputable professionals.

Adding even greater drama to Famous in Love, I. Marlene King reveals that Paige’s romantic life even grows more complicated.

“Of course, there’s a love triangle … It’s really a love square.”

Bella Thorne Shares Her Thoughts on Bringing Famous in Love to Television

In a separate article for Yahoo TV, Bella Thorne opens up about the new Freeform series and shares that she’s more than just the Famous in Love lead. Thorne is also a fan of the Rebecca Serle books from which the television show has been adapted. As such, Bella confesses that there was one change that she found difficult to embrace.

Within the Famous in Love story, Paige Townsend stars in the feature film Locked, which also stars fictitious Hollywood heartthrobs Rainer Devon (Carter Jenkins) and Jordan Wilder (Keith Powers). In adapting that portion of the books for television, Thorne says it was necessary to change the plot of the Locked movie.

The Famous in Love actress reveals the plot of that fictitious movie is far more convoluted than the plot of the I. Marlene King series, and even as she tries to explain it, Thorne ends up getting lost.

“It’s about my character, who’s marrying [Jordan’s character]. I love him, but me and [Rainer’s character] had some special connection. So we go on a plane ride, which crashes, and we end up in a different dimension — and then we travel back in time. From what I gather, my character then falls in love with [Rainer’s character] by traveling through time with him. There’s also [a ‘Time Sorceress’] who wants my character to learn something about herself by traveling through time… I think. Maybe?”

In the end, Ms. Thorne says the overall story and theme of Famous in Love is far more realistic, giving an honest interpretation of life in Hollywood for the young and the famous. She adds that she’s experienced circumstances very similar to some of the things that happen to Paige in the new series.

Famous in Love debuts tonight on Freeform.

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