Meghan Markle Will Be Attending Pippa Middleton’s Wedding With Prince Harry–With A Small Catch

Contrary to previous published reports, Meghan Markle will indeed be attending Pippa Middleton’s May 20, star-studded wedding on the arm of Prince Harry. Yet, according to People, there appears to be a small catch.

The rumored “no ring, no bring” rule that Pippa allegedly included in all of the invitations does appear to ring true. The Suits star will not be attending the church service at St. Mark’s Church Englefield in Berkshire, but instead, Meghan Markle will be Prince Harry’s date at the wedding celebration party that is to be held after the official marriage ceremony. The festive outdoor party will be held immediately after the nuptials, at the Middleton’s palatial 18-acre estate.


Hello! reported that the actress asked her Suits bosses for a week off, which is during the wedding week. They also pointed out that this time off request also allows for adequate time to cross the pond each way.

“The American actress wants to take a week off between 15 and 22 May, which would allow her plenty of time to travel to the UK for the hotly-anticipated nuptials in Berkshire on 20 May.”

Although it is confirmed that the actress is attending the party, there is currently no information on whether Meghan and Harry will be staying at the seven-bedroom Bucklebury Manor, the Middleton family home.

Currently, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and their entire royal security team are reportedly staying at Kate’s parent’s home. Because the Cambridge’s have requested privacy, this will force Pippa’s future in-laws, Jane and David Matthews, hoteliers in their own right, needing to book a cottage away from the £5 million, Berkshire estate.

The Daily Mail also indicated that it was “believed” that Prince Harry would be staying at the manor, along with his brother, Kate and the family. This account was published prior to the confirmation that the When Sparks Fly actress was attending the wedding party. As of yet, the press has not been given any updates on these arrangements. Is it possible that Meghan will be staying at Carole and Michael Middleton’s manor?


As Inquisitr previously reported, there are 150 guests invited to the wedding. Pippa, a party planning expert, is organizing everything herself. Kate Middleton’s sister wants her nuptial celebration to be a “classic and elegant” affair. She does not wish for anything to look “gaudy,” nor does she want things to look too expensive. She desires a classy and simply elegant affair.

One source told Hello! that Pippa is also quite traditional. She wanted to be married close to her family home and that is why she chose the quaint, 13th-century chapel, and is holding her wedding reception at her parent’s home.

“Pippa is a traditional girl and wanted to marry close to home. There is no particular significance with May 20 – it is just the date that they have decided on.”

As of now, Kate Middleton does not appear to be in the wedding party, but, there are murmurings that she will be reading a passage during the church service. Yet, instead, her children are going to have prominent roles in her younger sister’s nuptials. At the wedding, Princess Charlotte, who turns two right before the blessed day, will be a bridesmaid, and Prince George, who turns four in July, will be a page boy in the ceremony.

There is no indication if Prince William or Prince Harry will take part in the wedding ceremony. It appears that the two will be able to enjoy the merriment.

Do you think that Meghan Markle’s presence at Pippa’s wedding indicates that Prince Harry and the actress will be hosting their own wedding soon? Are you surprised she is attending only the party and not the wedding ceremony? Do you think that there is a chance that there will be a royal engagement before the ceremony? As always, share your thoughts and theories below.

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