April The Giraffe Top Baby Names Revealed, Oliver Meets Son As Animal Adventure Park Voting Continues

It's pretty fair to say that April the Giraffe has become more than a household name for millions of people across the United States and the world alike. Now that April has finally given birth to a young male calf, fans are flocking to the Animal Adventure Park Facebook page to give their opinions on what they believe the newborn calf should be named.

As previously reported on the Inquisitr, Animal Adventure Park set up an official website where fans of April the Giraffe can log on and vote for what they believe the newborn calf's name should be. The voting opened on Saturday, April 15 and already many suggestions are flooding in.

According to an Instagram post from Animal Adventure Park's official site, some early name favorites include Patches, Unity, Peter, Apollo and Harpur. All of those names being suggested by online voters are a far cry from some of the names that were being wagered on through the online sports book Paddy Power.

Yes, in case you didn't know, Paddy Power was taking wagers on what the good people at Animal Adventure Park may name the baby calf. The names that were being listed as possible winning wagers included, April, Oliver, Melman and April, Jr. The wildest names that were on the odds board were New York, Trump and Donald. If Trump or Donald happen to win out somehow, it may make patrons who wagered on that possibility a good chuck of change considering the odds on that wager were listed at 25/1.

A giraffe and her calf getting acquainted.
The world was captivated by the April the Giraffe giving birth. [Image by Australia Zoo via Getty Images]

Hey, you can never say never when it comes to voting!

The latest Animal Adventure Park update about April went on to say that the newborn calf is doing well and he is "quite spunky and independent!"

"Calf continues to grow stronger! We experienced a 1-1 1/2 lb weight gain over night. He is quite spunky and independent; perhaps he takes after his father. He also has his inquisitive and friendly moments of engaging keepers with the genuine nature of his mother. We are smitten. April has recovered well from the birth and has quite the appetite! She did have a minor misstep this afternoon that lead her to favor her one leg; but that has already improved. It's hard dancing around a little one!"
April the Giraffe and her calf snuggling.
April the Giraffe may go down as the hottest live cam of the year. [Image by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]

Now that April the Giraffe and her family have quite literally become true reality T.V. stars, the lovefest between the public and April and her family members may be ending quickly - at least online that is.

According to a My FOX 8 report, while millions of viewers have been watching April via livestream, for several months now, it is about to come to an end. Monday, zoo officials said they will pull the video feed after April the Giraffe suffered an injury.

"Animal Adventure Park posted on Facebook that, just days after giving birth to her calf, April twisted one of her legs, which zoo officials say is not uncommon with animals her size."
The park also added that they've been so bogged down with messages about April that it has taken away from other important everyday events. For these reasons, they will soon be taking down what has now become the famous "Giraffe Cam." By all indications the cam may be removed by Wednesday or Thursday of this week.

As of of today, April's cam is still up and running so if you want to get a few more glimpses of April live, you had better check in now!

While the cam may be leaving, one heart warming moment was captured this morning when Oliver met his son for the first time. E! Online indicates that April the Giraffe's long-awaited calf has met his dad, Oliver, early this morning! This picture was captured by April's Twitter feed, and shared for the world to enjoy.
As for the naming the April's baby calf, the official website reports that they will be taking names for "about 10 days or so," which means they should be open until early next week. If you had total control over naming April the Giraffe's baby calf, what would you name him?

[Featured Image by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]