Scheana Shay Divorce: Is She Delusional About Her Relationship With Ex-Husband Mike Shay?

Scheana Shay wrapped up another season of Vanderpump Rules last night, as the third part of the reunion special aired on Bravo. Of course, much of the focus was on Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney’s wedding, which was featured on the season finale, but Scheana also had to address her divorce. Mike Shay decided to make an appearance on the reunion special to talk about his divorce and give his side of the story. Since he hasn’t filmed Vanderpump Rules with Scheana, Andy Cohen wanted to give him the chance to speak out.

According to a new tweet, Scheana Shay may not realize how bad their relationship is. After the divorce was made public, she revealed that they were indeed on good terms and would remain friends. However, after last night’s Vanderpump Rules episode, Mike Shay shared a video on Twitter that clearly hints that they are far from friends. In fact, she slams Scheana Shay for dumping him and choosing fame and fortune over her marriage.

“Officially closed a big chapter in my life today! Song – Grind for the Check By – Dat Dope Group #DDG #PumpRules,” Mike Shay tweeted after Vanderpump Rules aired last night on Bravo, wrapping up a season where his divorce from Scheana Shay was featured.

“Mike Shay, didn’t even get to say, or be heard, he didn’t want all that limelight, his ex did u heard she divorced him on camera, sic,” one person wrote, defending Mike, while another person added, “I felt bad for u tonight, if people watched the show they would definitely see it wasn’t all you 1 thing is for sure, she never let u talk.”

And it sounds like people are taking his side, as Scheana moved on so quickly from the marriage. Before her divorce is even finalized, she’s already dating someone new. And Mike was shocked when he learned this news during the reunion special. Some followers believe that Scheana owed him some respect and they were happy that he got out of the marriage when he did.

“Exactly! If she gave her husband the respect she gave to that group of girls who treat her like SH*T, she would have a happy marriage. The [loss] is hers, not yours. She missed the opportunity to get through something hard for the reward of a strong marriage. She’s immature,” another person wrote to Mike, clearly taking his side in the divorce drama.

Scheana Shay didn’t address his comment on Twitter, but she has revealed that 2017 is the year where she’s focusing on her. And maybe fans are upset with her for not giving him a chance to fix himself and get back on track. But fans were surprised and shocked when she announced she was dating even though she’s still legally married. And Shay himself was shocked to learn who she is dating these days.

“2017… a year of doing me. If you don’t like it, I probably don’t like you,” Scheana Shay wrote on Twitter earlier this month, as she revealed that she was dating someone new already.

“How could you do Shay like that you could at least waited to you were divorced to start dating smh wow and you were so cocky. Like yeah you follow him on IG you keep crushing this man on TV you are a little shallow my love….,” one person wrote to Scheana Shay, slamming her for dating another man before she was legally divorced.

What do you think of Scheana Shay’s belief that she and Mike Shay are indeed doing just fine as friends? Do you think she’s delusional about her relationship with him?

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