Steve Stephens’ Facebook Live Video Hoax: Conspiracy Theorists Claim Cleveland Facebook Killer’s Video Is Fake

Steve Stephens has not been captured yet, as of this writing. That has given ample time for conspiracy theories about the suspected Cleveland killer of Robert Godwin, whose horrific death was broadcast on Facebook and spread around the internet, to proliferate about the Stephens Facebook video being a fake hoax. As seen in the above Associated Press image, Steve’s childhood home is displayed on the left as neighbors of Stephens speak to one another down the street in Cleveland, Ohio, on Monday, April 17.


While Cleveland authorities expanded their manhunt for the so-dubbed “Cleveland Facebook killer” to a nationwide search for Stephens, a bunch of new theories are popping up on social media from armchair sleuths who claim the shooting and killing of Godwin was fake. Despite the horrifying video of Robert being gunned down in cold blood on a street as the retiree collected cans walking home, there exist people who think the entire video of the crime on Facebook was a hoax.


A search for “Cleveland fake” and “Cleveland hoax” on Twitter turns up a multitude of reasons why conspiracy theorists believe the Stephens Facebook video was a hoax. Some people claim that the whole Cleveland killing was a distraction created to make viewers not pay attention to world politics. The Cleveland killer’s Facebook Live video is being examined with CSI-like viewpoints, with people claiming the blood splatter from Godwin’s body didn’t appear to look like that of a man shot in the head, with claims that viewers didn’t hear Robert hitting the ground in the viral Facebook Live video. Others claim that a “blood bag” of sorts must have been contained in Robert’s plastic bag, and that the fake blood bag’s contents were what was actually displayed on the ground, with the conspiracy theorists claiming the blood appeared to be too bright red in color in Stephens’ video.


Another theory that’s being floated around in the wake of the viral video is that the Cleveland Facebook killing was one designed by anti-gun lobbyists to renew the debate against guns. Stephens had a legitimate concealed carry gun permit, according to Cleveland police, as reported by Heavy. As such, some gun fans are claiming that the whole “Facebook killer” concept was one designed by liberal voters to scare enough people into enacting laws to take away guns.

As impossible as some of the conspiracy theories sound, they are being floated around social media by certain people who may believe the entire Stephens Facebook killing was as fake as a movie scene. Some of the comments about the conspiracy theories can be read below, including those disputing the notion that the Cleveland Facebook killer’s video is fake.

“Folks are saying now the Cleveland Oh police shooting seems fake, it’s real it was on FB live. Just very disappointed in the Cleveland PD!!”

“So I wake up this morning and everyone saying that Cleveland s*** is all fake. Crazy.”

“Yeah that Cleveland shooting was fake. I don’t believe it anymore. Got way too much evidence now.”

“That Cleveland shooting looks fake af.”

“So this Cleveland shooting fake now?”

“I been saying that Cleveland manslaughter is a hoax.”

“Baaaahhhhhhhh. Wake up, sheep!! Cleveland was a HOAX.”

“All these people suddenly claiming the Cleveland killing was fake cause they read some twitter posts and vids are stupid af.”

“This Cleveland shooting s*** is fake asf. Government finds a way to distract y’all gullible a**** every time.”

“People on Facebook are so sure that this Cleveland shooter is all fake.”

“Cleveland shooting is fake.”

“The Cleveland killing is real, only 1 confirmed death. Please quit saying its fake as that is disrespectful to the family!!


[Featured Image by Dake Kang/AP Images]