‘The Voice’ Viewers Urge Adam Levine & Blake Shelton To Stay Amid Quitting Rumors

The Voice fans are urging Adam Levine and Blake Shelton to stick with the NBC singing show amid rumors both Levine and Shelton supposedly could be ready to quit after Season 12.

Reports have once again surfaced in recent weeks suggesting that Levine and Shelton may be ready to leave the series after serving as coaches on every season of the show to date, and The Voice fans are making it pretty clear that they won’t be happy should Adam and Blake decide it’s time to go as Miley Cyrus returns.

“PLEASE DO NOT HAVE MILEY CYRUS BACK ON [The Voice]!” Twitter user @FaithnChristian wrote on social media this week in response to rumors Blake and Adam may be considering quitting the show after wrapping up Season 12 in the next few weeks, while another fan tweeted out to Shelton amid the quitting rumors, “If you AND Adam are not season 13… I am done with #TheVoice… No more Miley!!!”

“NBC if Blake or Adam leaves The Voice I [won’t] be watching either. I have watched every season so far forget Miley don’t need the drama,” The Voice fan @cmiekley added amid the quitting speculation surrounding Adam and Blake, and @rsexton6980 added, “I have watched The Voice since the first season but I will never watch it again if you lose Blake, Adam and Gwen.”

The Voice fans’ backlash come after a slew of reports claimed that Blake, Adam, and Gwen may allegedly be considering leaving the talent search after Season 12 amid rumors the current crop of coaches supposedly don’t want to return alongside Miley Cyrus, who is already confirmed to return after making her debut as a coach on Season 11 last fall.

'The Voice' fans hit back at Adam Levine, Blake Shelton over leaving rumors
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The Adam and Blake rumors were started by Radar Online, who claimed in a report last week that Stefani, in particular, does not want to sit on the coaching panel alongside Cyrus and alleged that producers fear that if Stefani decides to quit, Levine and Shelton will more than likely follow suit and leave The Voice, too.

“Gwen definitely does not want to be on the panel alongside [Miley],” claimed a source, “since Gwen does not want to return, now Blake is considering throwing in the towel as well.”

The Voice insider then went on to allege to the outlet that Adam, who has appeared alongside Blake on every single episode to date, may then be inclined to follow Blake and his girlfriend of a year and a half out the door due to their close friendship amid reports Levine may even serve as the best man when the duo eventually tie the knot.

Adam Levine and Blake Shelton have not yet officially commented on the reports suggesting they may soon be leaving, though rumors have been swirling for months that Levine and Shelton’s time on The Voice could be nearing the end.

Levine played pretty coy when asked if he was considering leaving The Voice earlier this year, almost dodging the question when asked during an appearance on On Air With Ryan Seacrest if he would be leaving the talent search after Season 12.

'The Voice' Fans Urge Adam Levine & Blake Shelton Not To Quit After Season 12
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“I don’t know what I’m supposed to say,” Levine told Seacrest when asked about the quitting rumors during the February interview, but failed to offer up a definitive yes or no when asked if he’d be leaving The Voice this year only telling the host, “At the end of the day, I’m pretty sure that’s all nonsense.”

The latest leaving rumors to surround Levine and Shelton also come just days after it was alleged that Levine had supposedly told producers that he only wants to do one cycle of The Voice a year as opposed to the two seasons per year Adam has done since The Voice first started in 2011.

“We’re told Adam only wants to do one cycle a year,” TMZ claimed of Levine’s supposed plans to cut his time on the show in half, while also claiming last month that NBC is looking to bring back American Idol in the place of one season of The Voice – which could mean both Adam and Blake will stick with the series but only appear on a single season annually.

As of yet, NBC is yet to officially comment on who will be joining Miley on Season 13 of The Voice and have not spoken out regarding rumors Blake Shelton and Adam Levine could soon be leaving.

What do you think of The Voice viewers urging Adam Levine and Blake Shelton to stick with the show for Season 13?

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