Jennifer Aniston Freaked Out By Justin Theroux’s Love Scenes, Worried He’ll Ditch Her Like Brad Pitt?

Jennifer Aniston accompanied Justin Theroux at the season premiere of The Leftovers, and the two looked great in their matching black ensemble. They also looked all loved up on the red carpet as they posed for the photographers. During a quick interview, the 45-year-old actor revealed their secret to a successful relationship.

“You know, be nice, try and laugh a lot — it’s a lot of the simple stuff,” before joking: “Definitely don’t bring the weepiness home to the wife, because she doesn’t want to hear it,” Theroux told PEOPLE.

Maybe Justin is already hinting about the issue that they are currently facing in their marriage. According to a new report, Jennifer got upset over her husband’s steamy love scenes with his co-star Carrie Coon. She allegedly didn’t enjoy seeing their intimate scenes in the first episode of the new season.

“Jen squirmed in her seat and looked incredibly uncomfortable,” an eyewitness told In Touch.

“She freaked out at Justin for making her sit through the steamy scene without any prior knowledge of what was coming,” a so-called friend claimed.

Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston The Leftovers

The 48-year-old actress reportedly felt humiliated and considered it as one of the most uncomfortable experiences of her life. Her reaction was allegedly linked to her ex-husband Brad Pitt, whom she also witness having some steamy love scenes with Angelina Jolie. The two met on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith and eventually fell in love which led to her divorce. She’s worried that Theroux will also ditch her like Pitt.

“Justin has told Jen a million times that he’s not like Brad,” the pal insisted, “but Jennifer has jealousy issues.”

However, Gossip Cop claimed that Jennifer Aniston had no problem seeing Justin Theroux’s love scenes because she knows that they aren’t real. The actress’ rep said that the allegations are all made up since the magazine has a history of spreading fake news.

Amidst the divorce rumors, the former Friends star and the Mulholland Drive actor were spotted wearing matching outfits in Paris. They seem to enjoy synchronizing their clothes just like most couples do. According to Vanity Fair, Aniston and Theroux attended a Louis Vuitton party at the Louvre, and the screen heartthrob even shared a photo with his wife on Instagram.

Justin rarely posts photos of Jennifer on social media, but he makes it a point to share special moments in their life just like her 48th birthday. He was the one who arranged this romantic getaway in Cabo where they were joined by the actress’ BFF Courteney Cox and her fiancé Johnny McDaid.

“It’s a great spot because it’s close to L.A. You can dip over there and dip back,” he shared to E! News while discussing their favorite vacation spot.

When asked what his gift was for the birthday girl, he replied: “We do special things. I did a little night for her birthday where we went to a special dinner and had a piñata.”

Jennifer Aniston star has always been dragged into different allegations especially when her ex-husband Brad Pitt was dumped by Angelina Jolie. There were reports that the two have reconnected after his split from his estranged wife whom he shares their six children.

Inquisitr previously reported that the 53-year-old actor has been texting his ex-wife again now that he is single. The Fight Club star was able to get the Aniston’s number from their common friends so he could greet her on her birthday. However, they ended up rekindling their relationship.

“Brad told her he’s having a hard time with his split and they exchanged a few texts reminiscing about the past,” an insider revealed.

It is still unconfirmed if Jennifer Aniston was really freaked out by Justin Theroux’s love scenes; or if that incident made her worry that her hubby will ditch her just like what Brad Pitt did to her. However, the truth may finally be revealed. According to Yahoo7Be, the Jennifer is ready to reveal her biggest secrets in an explosive memoir.

“The simple fact is, she’s getting older. Over the years Jen has been the subject of so many rampant rumours, she may be feeling it’s time to unburden herself and set the record straight once and for all,” a source told Woman’s Day.

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