Major Stipulation Being Added To Roman Reigns Vs. Braun Strowman At ‘WWE Payback’

WWE officials have booked themselves into a corner as WWE Payback approaches, but the match between Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman could still be saved after WWE reveals a stipulation they have planned for the match. The feud between Reigns and Strowman has been going on for most of the year. Heading into Wrestlemania 33, their conflict had to take a break. However, they’re back with a vengeance after Orlando.

At WWE FastLane, Reigns defeated Strowman and gave him his first loss. The momentum boost from that victory catapulted Roman into the match with The Undertaker, which he ended up winning. As a result, the fans have been extremely hostile to Roman since. They’ve been so cross with him that a brutal attack on him from Strowman received a positive response from the fans when it should have put a lot of heat on Braun.

Now, WWE is building toward WWE Payback in less than two weeks without Reigns, and Braun Strowman is stealing the show on Raw. His booking is very strong, and he’s getting over with the WWE Universe. The dynamic with Roman is so unique that Strowman may actually be the babyface heading into the PPV. With all these elements surrounding the match, WWE officials have a challenging booking decision to make soon.

Braun Strowman May Face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 33
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The match between Reigns and Strowman at WWE Payback can’t end clean without one of them taking a big momentum hit. It’s very unlikely that Roman will be booked to lose to Strowman less than a month after beating The Undertaker on the grandest stage of them all. However, Reigns beating Braun Strowman could hurt his momentum. Strowman is red-hot right now, which means it’s not the right time for him to lose big.

It’s being reported that the match between Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman at WWE Payback will likely have a major stipulation added next week before the PPV. The logic will be some kind of finish where no one needs to take the pinfall loss. WWE officials want to keep Strowman’s momentum going for a huge match with Brock Lesnar over the next few months while protecting Reigns from having to take a big loss himself.

There is a good chance that WWE officials will make Reigns vs. Strowman a “Stretcher Match” at Payback, which makes sense considering the recent angle with the ambulance. It’s possible that someone could run interference to cost Roman the match and send “The Monster Among Men” into his match with “The Beast.”

Brock Lesnar Won the WWE UIniversal Title at Wrestlemania 33
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WWE made it clear that Lesnar vs. Strowman was in the cards the night after Wrestlemania 33. It has been rumored that Brock will be holding onto the WWE Universal Championship until Wrestlemania 34. There isn’t much of a chance that Strowman will take the title off Lesnar, but the WWE Universe will be extremely invested in that match considering how they have been responding to Strowman over the past few weeks.

Braun Strowman is expected to receive his title shot against Brock Lesnar before WWE Summerslam. WWE officials will keep Reigns busy while Strowman feuds with Lesnar. It has been reported that Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns has been penciled in as the main event of Wrestlemania 34 in New Orleans.

Their match is being saved for the grandest stage of them all, which means it’s really unlikely Roman Reigns will receive a title shot with Lesnar at any time in the near future. In the short term, Braun Strowman is the guy to push right now. A big stipulation will give him the win over Reigns that he needs to move onto Brock Lesnar, and Roman will be protected heading into the summer. In the long run, everyone gets something.

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