April The Giraffe’s Twisted Leg On The Mend, Her Calf ‘Takes After’ Oliver, And Top Names Voted Revealed

April the giraffe’s twisted leg is on the mend after she managed to hurt herself on Monday by keeping up with her new calf. Dr. Tim treated April and all is well with her now. Animal Adventure Park owner Jordan Patch reassured concerned viewers of the live cam that the 15-year-old giraffe was in good hands and that twisted legs in long-legged animals are common. She was seen favoring one front leg over the other and many sent emails to the park, which bogged down their system. The park announced that they were fully aware of the issue before the first email arrived.

In Animal Adventure Park’s latest update on April and her baby giraffe, it’s noted that the three-day-old calf is “taking after his father,” Oliver. The two have been sharing some tender moments as the calf gallops over to his father’s stall to visit with him. Several times throughout the day the father and son are nose-to-nose getting more acquainted and it’s been heartwarming for fans to see.

Jordan told ABC’s Good Morning America on Monday that the baby giraffe is very strong and “very independent.” Additionally, he wrote in the latest Facebook update that the calf reminds him of Oliver.

“He is quite spunky and independent; perhaps he takes after his father. He also has his inquisitive and friendly moments of engaging keepers with the genuine nature of his mother. We are smitten.”

Jordan admitted that Oliver’s interest in his son exceeded Animal Adventure Park’s expectations.

“Oliver is quite interested in the calf; much more than we anticipated. Perhaps a good sign for eventual introductions and shared space times.”

Oliver is a bull and they don’t get along with other giraffes for extended periods of time because they tend to fight with them. If anyone has watched April and Oliver together for more than a few minutes, it makes sense why he’s separated from her as soon as possible. He’s inclined to express more aggression by necking and blocking April from her intended path. The behavior is natural for bulls and Oliver is no different. By the time Oliver and the calf share space, Animal Adventure Park’s live cam will be shut down and followers will have to check updates from its Facebook page or through text alerts from the park.

In other updates on the giraffes, Jordan shares that the calf gained almost one-and-a-half-pounds overnight. On Sunday he weighed in at 129 pounds and was measured at five-feet-nine-inches-tall. The staff and Dr. Tim have been examining April and the calf regularly to make sure everything checks out alright. They give the live cam a thumbs up after each visit. April is recovering well after giving birth on Saturday. Her appetite has fully returned and is eating everything in sight. The calf is in perfect health and will be ready to venture into the yard before long.

What will the calf be named? Jordan wrote that the top votes in no particular order are Patches, Unity, Peter, Apollo, and Harpur.

Animal Adventure Park’s live cam will be pulled sometime between Wednesday and Friday so focus can be on getting the facility ready for opening day in May. A lot of people will miss the journey with April they got to experience. The camera has captured all of her important moments since February 10 until now. People from across the globe have united over a Reticulated giraffe in Harpursville, New York. The park had no idea April and her calf would become the phenomenon that it did. The idea to install a live cam above April’s stall has also brought more awareness to giraffe conservation and an appreciation for how they live.

Updates on April the giraffe and her calf will be posted and those who subscribed to the text alerts will continue to get photos.

[Featured Image by Pablo Basquez Dominguez/Getty Images]