On 'Southern Charm' Season 4, Kathryn And Thomas Are Not Getting Back Together

Now that Southern Charm Season 4 is back, the old rumor that Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis are getting back together is once again making the the rounds, but it has never been further from the truth as the two have barely communicated in almost a year, other than by text. And perhaps to seal the deal, in the current season of Southern Charm, Thomas has decided to pursue another cast member, and that is Kathryn's nemesis, Landon Clements.

To quote the sage Taylor Swift, Kathryn Dennis is standing firm by saying "we are never ever getting back together," says the Inquisitr. Thomas has been clear that he is actively "looking for love" and hasn't ruled out having more children at the age of 54. Kathryn, too, has said she would like to have more kids, and at 25, she has plenty of time to find Mr. Right, but she's fairly clear that Mr. Right is not on Southern Charm. The only positive sign in the relationship of Kathryn and Thomas is that the two are not going in front of a judge this week, but are rather entering into mediation.

Fans of Southern Charm know that the best way to guarantee that Kathryn would never touch something again would be to let Landon at it, and after denying any kind of relationship last year at the Southern Charm reunion, it seems that Thomas and Landon have gone public with at least getting together during Season 4 of the Bravo show.


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And instead of being ticked off that Thomas and Landon gaslighted her at the reunion last year, Kathryn is now saying that Thomas and Landon deserve each other.

"I think they're pretty equal. So, maybe they found their equals. That's fine…let 'em eat cake."

Thomas also has made statements that would indicate the ship has sailed for any chance or even interest in getting back together with the mother of his children.

"Conflict is something I've tried to shield the children from. That's one of the reasons it was best that Kathryn and I go our separate ways because that conflict, all the constant disagreements and arguments, was creating a negative energy that was unhealthy for the children. It was a children-first decision."
Kathryn admits that in the past, she would have cared who Thomas was dating, but now she is so far past being interested that she has moved to apathy, and even finds it hard to remember what she saw in Thomas Ravenel in the first place. With the vast difference in their ages, Kathryn now says that she has grown up, and infers that Thomas is well, shallow.
"When I see things, of course I feel that natural, knee-jerk anger. But afterward I think to myself, 'These people are so —' I don't want to use the word shallow, but they're like potatoes and I'm the meat. I'm real and straightforward, and I'd rather live like that any day than be somebody that's spending their time judging others. I don't care about their lives and their personal choices."
Even Fitsnews says that the only thing other than their kids that Thomas and Kathryn have in common is that they are both keeping score and gathering dirt on each other to use "just in case." Which is perhaps why the two instead are heading to mediation on Thursday. In mediation, the two can possibly work out a custody agreement rather than let a judge decide. Fitsnews head honcho has said that with all of the dirt that both Thomas and Kathryn have on each other, going before a judge would ensure unilateral destruction.
By now, it seems pretty clear to most Southern Charm fans that both Thomas and Kathryn are looking for different things from a partner.

Do you believe the rumor that on Southern Charm Kathryn and Thomas could ever get back together?

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