Greektown Brawl Erupts In Downtown Detroit [Viral Video]

Two men were punched and stomped by a mob on the street in the Greektown section of Detroit in the early hours of Easter Sunday, one of whom was seriously injured.

The violent footage that lasts less than a minute was uploaded to Facebook Live last night where it quickly went viral and from there made its way to other social media platforms. See clips embedded below.

The disturbing incident reportedly occurred outside the Greektown Casino or near the casino parking garage. The original Facebook footage has received more than 2 million views so far, prompting 13,000 user comments.

CBS Detroit described what happened in the Greektown brawl.

“And then starts a video that shows about 25-40 men punching, kicking and brutally beating people on the streets of Greektown, one of Detroit’s most popular hotspots. In the video, one man is lying with his head over the curb appearing unconscious and very badly injured. He gets punched and kicked as the cell-phone filming crowd of young men shouts and laughs.”

The second man who the attackers pummeled is seen on the video being dragged down the street by his leg.

As alluded to above, Greektown is Detroit’s entertainment district that features various attractions including the gambling casino as well as bars and restaurants. One of the victims of the attack was visiting the casino with several relatives while celebrating his 23rd birthday. He suffered a fractured skull and internal bleeding in the melee according to what his sister told Fox2 in Detroit.

One cousin is receiving treatment at a local hospital for broken ribs while another cousin required stitches to his head. The condition of the other man in the video is unknown at this time.


In an update from the Detroit News, the victim’s sister says that her brother suffered a brain bleed and a broken eye socket and will undergo surgery tomorrow. She also said that her brother was trying to break up the fight when he was beaten.

Evidently, by the time someone finally called 911 and cops arrived, the assailants had dispersed.

Cops have vowed that they will soon arrest the suspects who are still at large and has asked the public to pitch in to help identify them. Authorities have yet to determine if these were random attacks and/or what motivated them.

Evidently, by the time someone finally called 911 and cops arrived, the group had dispersed.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig advised the alleged offenders to turn themselves in because cops are in the process of identifying eight male suspects through the viral video as well as still photos of them plus surveillance video of their cars and licenses plates from the nearby parking garage. Security cameras are heavily deployed throughout the Greektown area.

Authorities believe the street fight may be a gang-related incident.

“This was a horrible situation. … They left that young man for dead,” Craig told the Detroit Free Press.

The chief is also taking exception to the idea that some witnesses’ first impulse is to push the record button on a cell phone rather than use it to call 911. He even seemed to float the idea of charging people who are more interested in being spectators or videographers for entertainment purposes with a crime if they fail to call 911 when someone is being assaulted.

Michigan law currently provides no mechanism for charges of that nature.

Cops have beefed up patrols in the Greektown area since this incident occurred.


About a week ago, a woman allegedly stabbed another female at a Detroit Park in front of dozens of cheering and laughing spectators, one or more of whom posted a video of the attack online. None of the witnesses reportedly called 911 during that incident

Watch this space for updates on the Greektown brawl in Detroit.

[Featured Image by Paul Sancya/AP Images]