‘Love And Hip Hop Atlanta’ Rumors: Which Celebrity Is Being Added To The Cast?

God bless the ladies of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta — they certainly know how to stay in the news! And the latest Love and Hip Hop Atlanta rumors suggest that there’s a major celebrity to join the cast…but who could it be? You certainly know her name, and you know she’s one of the most important members of another version of Love and Hip Hop. But most of all, you know that the whole franchise wouldn’t exist without her, as she — along with Mona Scott-Young — were the women that brought the show to fruition. Have you guessed who we’re talking about yet?

You guessed it: according to the latest Love and Hip Hop Atlanta rumors from WetPaint, the star and co-creator of the original show, Yandy Smith-Harris, is thinking about joining the Atlanta cast. Why is she leaving New York? Apparently, her business — which has an office in Atlanta — is expanding and she needs to be there.

“I just opened up a new headquarters, It’s Everything Girls Love headquarters. We have a production studio, we have a green screen room, we have a huge lot where we can build sets for movies, we have two recording studios, and then I have my offices for Everything Girls Love downstairs.”

But Yandy has more than just her business to promote on the new season. According to the latest Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta rumors from BCK, she has a new children’s book out called My Blended Family. Clearly, the woman is writing from experience.

“It’s all about really awkward, difficult conversations that you may have to have with your child. We’re making it really fun and also helping parents to smoothly and easily discuss these topics, or open the room for conversation. For children, it’s great because it helps them to feel like they’re not alone. So they’re talking and reading about situations that other little people are going through, so that in their situation they’ll feel like, ‘Oh my gosh! He or she is just like me.'”

As we all know from previous seasons of Love and Hip-Hop (the OG flavor), Yandy’s blended family has been the source of much drama. As we all know, her husband Mendeecees — who is currently serving Federal time — has two children with two different baby mamas, and one of the children with one of the baby mamas is the same age as Yandy’s child. Reckless, Mendeecees!

Of course, as these shows — and these women — are wont to do, instead of fighting with Mendeecees for putting them in this situation, they started fighting with each other. Classy!

But, if the latest Love and Hip Hop Atlanta rumors are to be believed, there may be some trouble in paradise.

We’ll recall that, in the last season of Love and Hip Hop, Yandy was at the receiving end of some pretty major backlash because her marriage to Mendeecees was not really legal.

But, according to BET, she claims that she never really lied at all. In fact, even though the paperwork was never legally filed, she still feels that she and Mendeecees are married on a spiritual level.

“That is my husband. There is no piece of paper that will say that is my husband or not. For me, personally, I loved that man since the day I met him and that is my baby, my baby daddy, my husband and everything in between.”

Stand by your man, Yandy!

What do you think of these latest Love and Hip Hop Atlanta rumors? Do you think Yandy will join the cast?

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[Featured Image by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images for GREY GOOSE]