Inmates Go Gangnam Style In Thailand To Celebrate Psy Concert [Video]

Inmates go Gangnam Style in Thailand. Around 100 convicts at the Bangkok Remand Prison were allowed to dance to the hit song Gangnam Style by Psy. The inmates go Gangnam Style in an effort by prison administrators to reduce violence in the Thai prison.

Korean rapper Psy’s concert in Thailand this Wednesday is actually the rapper’s first show in Asia, outside his native country. The inmates go Gangnam Style in order to celebrate this distinction, with prisoners even dressing up, and cross-dressing, during this stress-relieving exercise.

The video was recorded during a week-long Gangnam Style dance contest hosted by the prison, but not all inmates were allowed to go Gangnam Style. As ABC News explains only those inmates whose sentences were under seven years could dress up and dance to Psy’s viral video. Prisoners awaiting trial could also participate.

The inmates have been competing since October in the Gangnam dance-off for the chance to win a trophy, food and clothing. Putting on the show sounds like a very good idea, as it gets them involved in a group routine and allows them to blow off some steam.

Inmates go Gangname Style is just another iteration of the viral video spreading the globe. Posted on YouTube in July, the viral sensation just made history, surpassing Justin Bieber’s “Baby” as the most viewed video on the site, garnering over 830 million hits to date. Even Christmas lights are getting in on the act. Rapper Psy is also in the running for TIME’s Person of the Year 2012. You can also look forward to rapper Psy being the half-time show during next year’s upcoming NFL Super Bowl.